The Living Blue

The Living Blue


raw, primal, rythym, psychedelic, freedom, blues


All business aside, The Living Blue are a Rock and Roll band. Primal, unrelentless rythyms propel the sound of twin guitars weaving and wailing like a voice of hope from deep within. Their music is fueled by the world around them, leave convention at the door. tap your inner beast...feel the hum of the amplifier as it soaks into your skin. This is what rock and roll is about...freedom from the constraints of everyday "life" a valiant retreat back to the humanity which lies deep inside our cobwebbed souls.


Everyday is a Sunday Evening 2002
Living in Blue 2004

Set List

we do about 45 min sets but can go longer if needed.

we most recently have covered the Animals, Wimple Winch, Dinosaur Jr., Jimi Hendrix