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The Living Machines

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"Testimonial: DarkKitty Productions"

The Living Machines is definitely one band I DON'T regret booking. They were the perfect addition to my large benefit event. The crowd purely enjoyed their eclectic sound, and the band going on after them even called for an encore! They were amazing in more than one way including going the extra mile to assist me with the event itself. If you enjoy pure American rock & roll, then be sure to take the time to give these guys a listen, you won't regret it!

Dayna, DarkKitty Productions
darkkittyproductions (at) yahoo dot com
- Darkkitty Productions


Jonas Adrian - Until Normal (2009)
SXSW EP (2010)
Forthcoming LP (2010)



"The nectar's sweeter after a bitter taste." - Jonas Adrian

Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, The Living Machines is a unique, versatile Rock band that cooks up plaintive, fervent grooves. They season their brand of Rock and Roll with layers of Funk, Fusion, Psychedelic, Post Grunge and other elements, but the heart and soul of The Living Machines will always be straight-up American Rock and Roll.

Jonas Adrian beams a message from his guitar in a way no one else can. With a voice deep and rich, he sings with finesse and intensity. His lyrical tone compliments the music with emotional focus. The words are "in-your-face" without beating you over the head. With themes ranging from “Power, authority, loss, love, defects of character, lies and betrayal," Jonas has a point of view and a desire to be heard.

When asked about his songwriting, Jonas said, "I come from a place of intense honesty and sincerity, unless telling a lie makes for a better song." His acoustic guitar completes his presence, a soulful compliment to the smooth fury of his vocals.

Bruce Rich (aka Novachild) brings his experience with electronic music, world beat and VJing (visual media) to compliment the band’s unique vibe. Armed with djembes, trumpet and vocals, Bruce infects the Machine with rhythm, melody and texture. “We get along really well,” he says. “We’re all passionate, laid back, but we take the music seriously.” Bruce also owns an Environmental Biotech company, which keeps him fairly busy. "I have learned a lot about running my business through the band dynamic, so they feed each other. It's quite exciting!"

James McGowan, drummer, joined the band in March 2010. He keeps quite busy, working two jobs and drumming for two bands (The Heat Circle AND The Living Machines). James is a fine music teacher as well, working at Brook Fine Arts teaching percussion and piano. "We dig James. Best drummer in town," Bruce says. "I LOVE the way he blends with and punches up our vibe. He plays keys, too, and we'll hopefully be seeing more of that on stage soon."

Ransom Conner, bass, is a solid pro and no stranger to multiple genres. His style is funky, subtle, and solid, influenced by the Motown sound, the Tulsa sound, and the Austin vibe. "I've been looking for a band like this for YEARS," says Ransom, "a talented group of good people who know how to play various styles and do it well." Ransom has very nearly performed with every musician in town, and he rounded out the Machines lineup in May 2010, replacing outgoing bassist Jay Blakey (of The Portrayl).

Jonas met Bruce at an open mic in 2005. “When I heard him,” Bruce said, “and I hadn’t even met him, I just knew we were going to be making music together.” The pair formed "Jonas And The Infidels" with former lead guitarist Tim Casey.

During a break in 2007, Bruce achieved some notoriety with his electronic project, Novachild, while Tim Casey produced Jonas Adrian’s album “Until Normal.” It was that release that triggered the band’s return to full-time production.

Come 2010, with over a year of full-time development and live performances, the music is refined, more intense and multi-layered than ever. The Living Machines is ready to play to enthusiastic crowds all across the region.


Original Lineup:

Jonas Adrian - Guitar, Vocals
Jay Blakey - Bass
Bruce Rich - Percussion, Vocals, Trumpet
Jaron Stewart - Drums
Tim Casey - Lead Guitar

Current Lineup:

Jonas Adrian - Guitar, Vocals
Ransom Conner - Bass
Bruce Rich - Percussion, Vocals, Trumpet
James McGowan - Drums