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The best kept secret in music


"The Living Proof Band"


The Living Proof Band
By Stella Bender / Reporter

It is not easy being a rock band from North Jersey, but somehow “The Living Proof Band” is on their way.

With bookings in Manhattan and some parts of North Jersey, this band has quite a following ranging from all different age groups.

The Living Proof band originally called the Slithering Crew changed their name to the Living Proof because it was a miracle how all the band members found each other.

Together they create a creative rock sound that even though it is hard to get started as a rock group Cherie’s harmonious voice combined with rock melody is why the Living Proof Band is on their way.

“I feel that having a girl sing for a rock group can really change the way the band sounds. Its different but yet soothing to the listener at the same time,” says Cherie.

Songs such as “In My Dreams” draws the audience in with its peaceful rock n roll flow.

“The Living Proof” is that the band were meant to come together to make music and help make the world a better place. Rich and Charlie have known each other since their teens, for over 20 years and always jammed down in Rich's basement.

They have been playing guitar for a while now. Rich's daughters’ friends father played the drums very well, and talked to Rich about getting together some time.

They jammed downstairs with just the three of them. Rich on guitar, Charlie on guitar and Wayne on the drums, now all they need was a bassist. That’s when Charlies friend Ed came into the picture. Charlie and Ed used to jam and write songs together. And that took them to four. The Living Proof Band is a work in progress and along came Cherie it was a cold weekend in the Poconos where Charlie and Cherie and their family's met.

They played a little slide guitar and sang a few songs and thought it would be a good idea to get it all together and what a perfect fit. The band needed a vocalist even though Cherie played the guitar they needed someone to sing rock and she thought she would give it try.

They only go by there first names because each of them are Italian and they feel there names are too long to have people remember. “Another reason why we are different from other bands is because we only let our fans know us by our first names. This gives us a mystery about us,” says Rich.

Cherie came down to a rehearsal and the chemistry between her and the band members was incredible and that’s how they all realized they were “living proof” of something that could potentially be great.

It is very difficult let their music be heard because they are an older rock group. They started booking all over Manhattan in places like The Pussy Cat Lounge and the Wreck Room. Allicia a fan of the band says,I thought you guys were awesome at the pussycat lounge so glad I went!Cherie I thought you sounded great. Best show yet.Keep up the good work and looking forward to more shows, so keep booking them Charlie, you're the best."

"It is easier to book in Manhattan and Brooklyn then in New Jersey because New York has greater opportunity. The band is starting to get a following in NJ which helps a lot, they r trying to spread out there music to all different ages. They have also set up an account on Myspace for their fans in the music section and to get new fans.

Rehearsals are every Friday night for 4 hours at Studio B in Paramus. Each band member has been playing for years and is extremely talented in what they do. Rick at Wired Recording Studio in Hackensack has helped the band with new songs.

Their true passion is Rock and Roll even though Cherie is an artist as well.

Posted: April 26, 2006 at 10:29 AM
Last Updated: May 19, 2006 at 11:25 AM


"City Lights" new EP
The Good Life,
Keep the Pace,
Stand Tall
City Lights
The First EP "Slytheryn CREW"
You got me Running
Im MY Dreams
So Close
Sunshine from the Rain
Prisinor of Doubt
Ain't Afraid to Loose---Kiss ME
Second Chance
The Reason I survive
Inbetween the Wrong and the Right


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Living Proof Band Is an original Rock and Roll Band based in New Jersey. Their music is a blend of alternative, hard, psychedelic, garage Rock and Roll.
The core of the band Charlie LiVolsi (lead vocal, guitar) and Rick Rutledge (lead guitar, vocals) have been playing in bands on and off for over 20 years. The Living Proof Band (a.k.a. L.P.B.) with Ed Newmark on bass have been together almost 4 years now. This year the band added two new members to their line -up. Cherie Lambiase on lead vocals and Kevin Werbel on drums and background vocals. Both have added a fresh new sound and dimension to the band which has gained rave reviews from their loyal fans.
The band performs at least twice a month in the NY/NJ metropolitan area in pursuit of their passion and just finished their latest EP "City Lights", now available on their web site and on CD
We are truly FANS of Rock . . .we love what we do... we have passion and faith in what we do...we do not follow...we lead. All our music is written and arranged by the members of the band...