The Living Suns

The Living Suns

 Newport Beach, California, USA

During any given show The Living Suns ferociously dish out enough head-pounding energy and infectious charisma to make newcomers to the band feel like they’re in the presence of something they might get in trouble for watching.


Watching The Living Suns on stage, you get the impression that this six piece Orange County band is going to blow up. With a psychedelic brit pop indie sound that lands somewhere between Coachella and Bonnaroo, watching these individuals struggle for musical dominance is better than any Hell in the Cell cage match Vince McMahon could imagine.

With a fan base consisting of dolled up barely legal girls in big shoes jumping up and down on the dance floor, The Living Suns rock the stage hard. It all starts with the bands vocalist leading the onslaught. With his Bob Dylan meets Eddie Furlong look and wandering Jim Morrison eyes; the front man screeching vocals draws the crowd in.

Walking in on this band's set, without knowing anything about them or their relationships to each other, it feels as if this musical unit could implode at any moment and that’s what makes their shows so great. For those keeping record at home, based off stereotypes/looks, I would say you have two hippies, Iron & Wine, a surfer with a mustache, a poet and the token Emo with a full sleeve of tats protruding from his V-neck. With these six unique individuals going six different ways, the music feels much like a fire hose turned on full blast with the entire fire house struggling to gain control of the flailing rubber conduit. This struggle compliments the music.



Set List

Our sets are typically 45 minutes long but can be 1 hour or more depending on need.
Songs often performed are:
You Need Jesus
Hook, Line & Sinker
I We Praise
When We Try
Man In The Middle
Shotgun Man
1,000 Ways To Use A Dollar