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The best kept secret in music


"CD Review- Born Again"

Thelma’s Dog release “Born Again” is a rock’n collection of in your face evangelistic music. It opens up with the title cut “Born Again” which tells the listeners how they must be born again. The CD tells the story of Jesus and how he can save us like in the songs “Shadow of Death” and “Coming for You”. They talk about his death and resurection and how it applies to our lives. Some how they do this with a rock’n energy to their music. The screachin guitars leaves you wanting for more. Thelma’s Dog shows their tender side with the next song “Someday” which talks about the journey of a man that has lost their way.

Track 5, “Miracle Fly” reminds me a lot of Hootie and the Blowfish. Remember them? They were great! It has a great hook and would be a great radio tune. Love the back up vocals on this tune as well. The next two tunes “Other Side” and “Promise Land” seem to also have a similar theme but approached in two different energy levels. The CD overall takes on a very electric yet intimate feeling like in the songs “Give Me the Mountain” and “Sweet Obivion”. “Give Me the Mountain” ask God for help from the Lord to climb the bigger mountains in our lives. You will be surprised with the vocal freedom in this song. If you like classic rock you will love this CD project. I sure enjoyed reviewing it. It would also make a great witnessing tool. To find out more information about Thelma’s Dog and their CDs go to or at your local Christian bookstore. - By Connie Whitlock of KC Christian Music (

"Radio Play"

Christian Indie Radio, on the CiR Rocks The Flock program (
KRLK 107.7 FM, "The Lake", Stockton Missouri.
KMOE 92.1 FM, Butler Missouri. - here are the various stations TD is being played on:


While I first listened to the music, I did my usual, "Hey, that reminds me of ____ and _____, mixed with some _____..." I'm thinking Ted Nugent, Led Zeppelin, Coverdale/Page...and a bunch of newer acts. Here's what I gather. Take it from a metal head wannabe...

"Born Again": I can hear the Coverdale/Page influence when the bass drum comes in at the beginning (and throughout).

"Shadow of Death": Nugent! Rock on!!

"Coming for You": Guns N' Roses meets Santana. Oye!

"Someday": Do I detect notes of Bad Company? A little Rush in there, too. Think "Closer to the Heart", eh?

"Miracle Fly": Matchbox 20! Hey, there's that Santana influence again, too. Hmmm...I was thinking "3AM" at first, now I'm going, "Oh, yeah--the Rob Thomas + Santana project!"

"Other Side": Ready for this? How about Tesla + Marshall Tucker + Grateful Dead + Skynyrd + more Bad Company?

"Promise Land": Love it...I'm thinkin' Black Crowes! Maybe some more Guns N' Roses. And something else I can't place...something about the chord progression. Maybe I need to go into the next room so I can just hear the bassline...

"Give Me the Mountain": Don't laugh...Doobie Brothers! OK, you can laugh now. From the other room I'm going, "ba-da-da-ta-ta...," probably a lot like real musicians do when they're thinking and/or composing, and I came up with "China Grove". Sorry, that's all I've got. Except for a bit of a Rob Thomas-y vocal, during the low parts. Way cool.

"Sweet Oblivion": Let's see.....what do you think of Lenny Kravitz? I love him, and that's who some of the chords remind me of. I hear Nugent again, as well. (What a hilarious pair, don't you think? Something about it...what could it be...?) There's also some Dead-like percussion going on, am I right?

Now, when did I think I heard Zeppelin in there? Maybe just an overall tone? Or maybe I just love them more than all of those other bands and was trying to work them in? Or maybe it was just the Page of Coverdale/Page? (C/P's "Pride and Joy" kinda reminds me of LZ's "Trampled Underfoot".) No matter.

One thing I want to stress is that, while I and others have fun picking your music apart, Thelma's Dog sounds like Thelma's Dog! I think that you're original because you sound like a huge combination of other acts. If you sounded like just Nazareth or just would be MUCH less interesting. Also, I may be a music/accompaniment-type person as opposed to a lyrics-type person, but the important thing remains your message.
- By Robin Glascock of Coldwater, MI (June 2, 2005)

"CD Review- Evangelize"

Thelma's Dog CD project Evangelize is a rock filled Christian music compilation of original songs by Thelma's Dog. The first song opens up with an edgy rock melody called "Unshackled", a song telling the audience how God comes in and frees us from the shackles of the enemy. The second song resounds an even more edgy flavor with the song "Shed a Little Grace". I love how this song is sweet in content but edgy in delivery. It shows the strength of Grace in the midst of our weakness. The tone with the third song takes us a little bit more mellow and contemplative with the song "Holy". The protocol seems right with with the worship feel of this song. Thelma's Dog seems to keep an intimate message with an edgy beat like in the songs "Jesus, He Came" and "Here I Am".

The next tune "Evangelize", the cover tune, is my favorite and seems to be a song you would most likely find on a radio station. It's their hook. The project ends with two nice songs that shows their versatility and skill. This is a great CD that anyone that loves good rock music would love to have in their CD collections. To find out more about Thelma's Dog you can go to your local Christian bookstore or go to - By Connie Whitlock of KC Christian Music (


Thelma's Dog: I'd read about them at KC Christian Music, and got to hear them at the October Hot Dogs concert. These guys ROCK! their style covers some ballady country rock, to hard and heavy early metal. One vocalist even has a great Bon Scott-like (AC/DC) voice which he can turn on and off at will. One vocalist? That's one of the neat features of Thelma's Dog. They use at least three vocalists, with two of them on lead. The two percussionists was an interesting feature, as well. Suffice it to say, the two drum sets, and four guitars made for quite a powerful, driving sound! And God's Word comes through crisp and clear. You'll likely hear about Thelma's Dog here again. They're added to my favorites list! [5] - by Paul Landkamer


TD's songs are currently being played on KRLK 107.7 Stockton, Mo.; KMOE 92.1 FM, Butler Mo.;

Thelma's Dog- Evangelize:
2-Shed a Little Grace
4-Jesus, He Came
5-Here I Am
7-Shine Your Light

Thelma's Dog- Born Again:
1-Born Again
2-Shadow of Death
3-Coming For You - #4 CiR Rocks the Flock!! (3/1/05)
5-Miracle Fly
6-Other Side
7-Promised Land
8-Give Me the Mountain
9-Sweet Oblivian


Feeling a bit camera shy


Thelma’s Dog is a Christian Rock Band that formed early Spring of 2003. They exist solely for the purpose of glorifying Jesus Christ and ministering to the “least of these.”

Thelma’s Dog is an intense expression of classic rock, southern rock, blues, and all out rock-n-roll which is as unique as their name. TD's Classic Rock sound allows this seven-piece caravan to pump out music likened to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s signature three-guitar. Intense and personal lyrics jump from the lips of TD’s very talented and anointed singers coupled with an amazing ensemble of rhythm/lead guitars, steady bass, a solid beat, and finessed percussions, as well as their 11 1/2 years average musical experience, have allowed TD’s music to rise well above the ordinary.

From the first note, one will feel TD’s intense desire for God breathed lyrics. This, driven by the Holy Spirit’s anointing and an amazing sense of unity, has allowed TD to be blessed with a repertoire of over 20 original songs, 2 full length CD releases, & many others on the “back burner,” within the first 2 years of their existence. This enables TD to fill virtually any time frame needed providing tools for the Classic Rock fan to acquire for the ministering to others. Their explosive sound, along with their overwhelming desire to minister the Word of God, creates an incredible ministry tool for any occasion.

What it all boils down to is simple. TD is just a bunch of country boys who are completely focused on serving Jesus Christ with the talent that He has given to them to further His kingdom.