The Local Tourists

The Local Tourists


Classically trained vocals, unique and sophisticated composition, clever and poignant lyrics- these are but a few of the things that make The Local Tourists stand out from the rest. Their debut album, "Happy Birthday, Kyle" was released in December of 2007 on the East Drive Records label.


Brendan O'Malley and Kent Schauble met at the Indiana University School of Music in 1995. Although they had been writing songs independently for several years, it wasn't until 2002 that they came together to create their first joint effort, "Pharaoh." Soon after, they began performing around New York City and Philadelphia as "O'Malley and Schauble" at venues such as the famous CB Gallery, The Duplex, The Triad Theatre, The C Note, The Five Spot and Club 318.

In 2006, Brendan and Kent began preparation for their debut album with a concert at the Hard Rock Cafe Moscow in Moscow, Russia, where Brendan was living at the time. In early 2007, Brendan relocated to Kent's hometown of Philadelphia and the duo created "The Local Tourists.”

Their debut album, "Happy Birthday, Kyle," was released in December of 2007 on O'Malley and Schauble's own record label, East Drive Records. The album features the talents of percussionist Steve Wolf (Avril Lavigne, Annie Lennox, Pink) bassist Jack Daley (Lenny Kravitz) and pianist Jim Ryan as well as guest musicians Tara Harvey (oboe), Scott Wakefield (banjo) and Danny Yoo (violin). The album was recorded in New York City at Monster Island Records by Mike Caffrey and mastered at Sterling Sound.

The Local Tourists’ music combines elements from their classical background with traditional rock music, creating an eclectic sound that has drawn comparisons to Phish, Ben Folds, Rufus Wainwright, Barenaked Ladies, and even Queen.

"Happy Birthday, Kyle" is available on iTunes and

press reviews…

The duo's debut album packs sweeping violin melodies, classical guitar, dynamic chord changes and folk-style lyrics into a pop-rock cornucopia that overflows with an indulgently diverse range of melodies and styles. "The Ballad of Lickey and Diamond" is an epic classic rock tale that unfolds like a children's bedtime story. A few songs later, we get the driving, chord-mashing "Six for a Parlay, Twelve for a Teaser," a piece that would be at home on Broadway. "Happy Birthday, Kyle" is a feast.
-Alibi ( V. 17, no. 1. Jan. 3rd-9th, 2008.

An intriguing, eclectic sound all its own. Operatic vocals paired with alternative rock instrumentals set it apart from the norm. If you're looking for an album with more substance than what you generally hear on the radio, "Happy Birthday, Kyle" could be a refreshing change of pace.
-The Miami Hurricane. Jan. 31st, 2008.

An enjoyable mix of ballads and upbeat tracks with addictive lyrics… an intriguing sound that is refreshing and unique. In short, "Happy Birthday, Kyle" is delightful.
-The Record, Harvard Law School. Feb. 28th, 2008


Tuesday Evening

Written By: O'Malley/Schauble

All these happy faces, with no traces of empathy
But who am I to tell you
That in those empty spaces, there were places meant for me
But who am I to tell you

We amble about and you call me your friend
We're out on your sidewalk when quickly it ends

Please tell me when it's safe to leave

Your smiles are nice, but they're all the same
No hint of brains, no hint of shame
But who am I to cast the blame on Tuesday evening

Your Five Points make me want to cry
Or crash my car as I'm driving by
If this is life, I'd rather die on Tuesday evening

From the little I can gather, you would rather just not know
So who am I to tell you
And though you seem contented, I resent it, so I'll just go
Cause who am I to tell you

Keep reaching for more, lest it seems your outdone
And now it's too late to reverse what's begun

Don't worry, I'm not coming back


Written By: O'Malley/Schauble

Have you tried to tie a knot
With a lot of yards of yarn
And you find out in the end it was tangled

She's made of everything that I'm not

Have you sung yourself to sleep
With some words you wished you'd wrote
And you find out in the end they were broken

Marlee ('s a Redheaded Girl)

Written By: O'Malley/Schauble

When I'm sitting inside my lonely garage
I think about her red hair, what a pretty mirage
And I wonder why I can't be 'neath that hair

Marlee's a redheaded girl, Marlee
Marlee's a redheaded girl

When she drinks, her face gets as red as her hair
And I can't help laughing as she's dancing on her chair
So let's raise a glass, as she's singing "Ah quel diner"

Six for a Parlay, Twelve for a Teaser

Written By: O'Malley/Schauble

Six for a Parlay, Twelve for a Teaser

Well my heart grew really sad when you said it wasn't worth it
then you brought me to the bathroom with your bathing suit on

Your parents really loved me 'cause they knew I could speak Russian
but you really didn't care and went off to law school

I've been feeling real blue
when I think about all the time and money I wasted on you
I've been feeling real sad
when I think about all the other girls that I could have had
but I spent my time on you
who didn't love me

I thought it was for me when you broke up with your boyfriend
then you spent one night with me and then you moved to L.A.

I wrote you a song for your birthday last April
but it couldn't change the fact you didn't like me at all

I made a paper butterfly for you
I wrestled with your brothers
I rented Paul Newman movies for you
You never even cared

I've been feeling real blue
when I think about all the time and money I wasted on you
I've been feeling real sad
when I think about all the other girls that I could have had
but I spent my time on you
who never loved me

How could you
when you knew
what I'd do for you
how I'd always be so true
Do you really think you can do better?

In time you'll agree
and I can guarantee
someday soon you will see that
you won't do better than...

April 14th

Written By: O'Malley

I’m not famous and I probably never will be
But on Saturday afternoons I’m a star
And I quickly cease to worry about what will be
And enjoy these April days for what they are

Sitting on a bus
Talking for five hours straight
about nothing at all and everything

Gathering our things
I’m wishing we could turn around
and do it all again

And tonight
I’ll make a cake and light a candle
Just to watch you blow it out

Icy ground
We’re going around in circles
but we change directions more than once

Say goodbye
Subway platform, three a.m.
I wish you wouldn’t go

And tonight
When all the City’s dead asleep
I’ll be lying wide awake

A glass of wine
Then, perhaps, another glass
And pretty soon, you’re on your way


If one year I’m far from home come April 14th
I’d travel day and night to get here, just to say,
“Happy Birthday, baby.”

She's Mine

Written By: O'Malley/Schauble

I bought a dress for her today
but she's made out of clay
First time she puts it on she falls down the stairs
She cracks herself in half
Guess the dress didn't fit

So I pick the pieces up and turn on the kiln
I will try to reconstruct that girl you were
I don a smock and grab the glue
I can't let her down

Cause she's mine, you know she's mine
She's mine, you know she's mine
She's mine

1,093 degrees
2,092 degrees
3,091 degrees
My, oh my, she's melting

So I open up the door and get out the tools
I will need to start from scratch before she cools
This time the dress will fit for sure
Please don't break again


"Happy Birthday, Kyle" released in 2007 on East Drive Records. Available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, on several other major online retailers.

Set List

Sets vary from 60 minutes to 90 minutes of original music.

Including covers, sets can extend to 2.5 hours. Cover repertoire includes rock standards (performed acoustically) from the 50's-90's.