The Local Trust

The Local Trust

 New York City, New York, USA

Classic rock guitars mixed with deep space beats and cut with samples and breaks. Electric house folk ... or something like that.


The Local Trust came together when JJ and Jed met working at the New School. JJ had been squirreling away a collection of drum machines and synthesizers and building a studio in his apartment (much to the chagrin of his neighbors and his dog). He was getting nowhere fast on his own and invited Jed over for some beers and the rest is history. The songs took shape with a foundation of programmed beats and lush synth patches. Progressions that he'd been playing around with for years finally had a home and the two amassed a sizable catalog of songs. They recorded demos to minidisc and orchestrated a huge sound which belied the duo's size. In the meanwhile the two began to experiment with recording and production techniques. They completed their first "single" (of sorts) entitled 'the Gilded Age' in May of 2009. The title is a tongue in cheek reference to the economic climate of the day. They followed this up with an EP recorded in the late summer and early fall of 2009 entitled 'Twilight of the Empire'. Twilight was a marked growth of improvement in recording and sound for the band. "We blew a fuse or two with this record. The apartment I was living in at the time (which I have since passed down to my loyal bandmate) was a converted hotel room from the early 1800s and it showed every bit of it's age. We pushed that place to it's limit. I'm really suprised we didn't burn the place down"


Twilight of the Empire - EP
The Gilded Age - (3 track single)
Contents of the Lost and Found - (LP due summer 10)

Set List

We have an arsenal of songs, but we have sets of 45 minutes as that is what we usually play out.

Our last set (Glasslands Gallery 8/09)
1. the Grape and the Vine
2. April in the Meantime
3. Twilight of the Empire
4. Footsteps on the Stairs
5. Shadows on the Wall
6. All the Pieces Matter
7. the Gilded Age
8. Raise the Dead

*we don't do covers
- we've been in the studio working on our EP for the last month and a half which explains our absence from playing shows since late August