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"Live Music Scene"

After a pause and a drink and a chat etc, it was the turn of Taunton's very own The Locarnos. Where's Taunton? Look at a map. But you're right; these boys do need to move to Bristol. And fast! We need to claim them before they're dug up by the mass-media shovel – they're already featured in an imminently released motion picture! Having caught them accidentally in Thekla at the Harbourside Festival when they stood in for an injured Medallist, second time around I knew what I was getting and I was keen. If you've been touched by bands such as The Stills, The Cure, The Killers, and the like, then jeeeee-suss go and see this band. Drums, bass/backing vocals, guitar/lead vocals and guitar/synth/backing vocals go into this post-punk indie-foursome, and they come with big noise and gorgeous harmonies. Their music is beautifully melancholic and their songs contain the kind of chorus' that you'd recite if you had just been dumped heavily or embraced tenderly. All of these ingredients, when combined, result is a collection of stage and radio friendly tracks. Maybe lacking in synthetic digital tricks for some of today's indie meta genres, this band will certainly reach the purists and lovers of great songs and live shows. -

"The Locarnos @ The Croft"

Taunton fourpiece the Locarnos are so young that they count the barely-less-youthful Maccabees as one of their formative influences. And yet they're as tight, polished and assured as old pros. They make is all seem effortless though and new song 'Love Me Like They Do At Home' has got 'A-playlist' written all over its evocative, melancholic verse and arms in the air chorus... Helen Sloan - Venue Magazine

"Music Review: Post Grad (Soundtrack)"

In August 2009, the movie Post Grad explores the life of Ryden Malby (Alexis Bledel - Gilmore Girls), recent college graduate. She thought her life perfect - loft apartment, perfect job at the city's best publishing house, and so on. Unfortunately life throws her a curve ball as it so often does.

Her college nemesis, Jessica Bard (Catherine Reitman), gets the job and Ryden is forced to move home to figure out what's next. However, her eccentric family provides a strong motivator to find a job, a relationship, and figure out what to do with her life. The movie has an all star cast with Jane Lynch as Ryden's Mom, Michael Keaton as her Dad, and Carol Burnett as her Grandmother.

As far as the soundtrack goes, we've had great luck with movie music with our summer films. So far we've had I Love You, Beth Cooper, which deals with the end of high school, (500) Days of Summer, which deals with all the phases of a relationship, and now Post Grad dealing with the period between. I Love You, Beth Cooper and (500) Days of Summer both have amazing soundtracks, so why should Post Grad be any different?

Chrisopher Beck (who also pulled together the I Love You, Beth Cooper soundtrack) has pulled together a great mix of tunes and added some original compositions for the score as well. He manages to mix styles and artists to create a landscape worthy of a college graduate trying to find herself again when things don't quite go according to plan. Each song deals with a different aspect of that self-discovery process - denial, acceptance, and moving on...

In the beginning, the tracks all revolve around simply accepting that things didn't work out. First convincing herself things will be okay ("Pony (It's Ok)" by Erin McCarley) and dealing with the grief she gets from others ("Don't give Me a Hard Time" by The Locarnos). Then later she wonders why it happened to her ("What Happened to It" by the bird and the bee).

By the middle of the film, she's figuring out that maybe this happened for a reason ("Always Where I Need To Be" by the Kooks) and sees that maybe she can make things work out for herself ("Turn Back Around" by Lucy Schwartz).

And by the end, she's seeing the world in a new light ("Wake the Sun" by the Matches and "Brand New Day" by Joshua Radin) and ready to tackle life again ("I Say I Go" by Kevin Drew).

Overall this is a terrific mix of music that works to reinforce the themes of the movie. The variety of styles is refreshing and makes this another great summer party CD. It includes everything from light pop and acoustic tracks to punk and rap! My only complaint (similar to my review of the I Love You, Beth Cooper soundtrack), though I liked Beck's score pieces, I have to wonder if it would have been better to have the score as a separate album all together.

Be sure to check out the Post Grad Soundtrack at your favorite online or brick-and-mortar retailer. when it arrives on August 18, 2009. And check out the movie at a theater near you on August 21st! -

"Family Day picnic: Review by Maha Tauseef from Richard Huish College"

...The Locarnos, were next to hit the stage with their music, the standard was already set high courtesy of the Paper Plane Pilots, but they didn’t disappoint. The unique melodic voice of lead singer, Josh Brooksbank, coupled with the simplicity and power behind their music made their performance enjoyable. Notably standing out was their performance of ‘Batgirl’ one of their own favourites, ‘Batgirl’, was charming in its simple lyrics and the heartfelt rendition by Josh Brooksbank. When asked what was next for ‘The Locarnos’, Josh Brooksbank, lead singer, stated ‘we want to do as many festivals as possible and build up a fanbase’, similarly he felt that the Perfect Fifth was also helping the band do this as well as being a genuinely great place to perform, ‘The venue’s really great, there’s always a good vibe.’ 28 Days, a Taunton based acoustic covers duo, were the last performers on The Perfect Fifth stage, they performed a variety of songs, some relaxed and some upbeat, with a noticeably smooth blend of vocal harmonies. Their performance was entertaining and a great finish to a truly entertaining day. - This Is Westcountry

"The Locarnos, The Brighton Coalition, Brighton, Aug 6"

The Locarnos, The Brighton Coalition, Brighton, Aug 6

10:31am Friday 1st August 2008

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Taunton may not seem the most rock 'n' roll place in the country, but it's where new young hopefuls The Locarnos hail from.

The latest band to headline Brighton's new Club NME night at The Brighton Coalition, they have already supported the likes of British Sea Power, The Cribs and The Metros on tour, despite having just left school.

On top of that they appeared on the BBC Introducing stage at this year's Glastonbury Festival, receiving tips from DJs Zane Lowe and Steve Lamacq.

Not bad for a band which started out as ten-year-olds performing Red Hot Chili Peppers covers. Support from The Lyrebirds. - The Argus, Brighton

"Give it to me straight"

"Enter the Locarnos: four likely lads from Somerset who answer to the names LJ, Drys, Sinc and The Angel, and whose stock in trade is shiny upbeat indie that is inspirational and danceable too. Having played with the likes of the Metros, the Holloways and British Sea Power, and seducing sell-out crowds on the 2007 Teenage Rampage Tour, the band decided it was high time to put out a single, and Give it to me Straight is the result – pure class, drink it in." - In the News

"Give it to me straight"

"This is technically not an album, as it only has three tracks and is not, actually even an EP. But do we care; not a lot, as this is a good band that deserves to be heard. The Locarnos are from Somerset, and, like the cider, are quite addictive. As a band, they are hard to fault; good vocals, interesting guitar and a rhythm section that holds it all together. The opening song, "Give It To Me Straight", has a ska opening but soon moves into upbeat pop that is very commercial and tight as a drum. This whole set is about good vocals and tight support that will appeal to today's market. "Don't Give Me A Hard Time" is, I have to say, a more mature song which could define how long they last in this business. More songs like this will certainly do them no harm. Should you buy this record, which you can download today and buy at the end of the month? I would, but check it out and prove me right." - Seatwave

"Give it to me straight"

Without doubt one of the most promising new British bands I've heard for a while. This band oozes stardom and swagger. It's rare to hear a band sound so accomplished and sure of their sound at such an early stage in their career; I strongly emphasise the word career here as I am in no doubt this band are to have one.

While I must admit to being neither a big Kooks or Razolight fan there's certainly some great credentials in these bands it's hard to deny them of, one is the ability to write a great pop song. If these three finely tuned tracks are anything to go by The Locarnos have this knack in bundles.

There are certainly parallels here between The Locarnos and the said bands and the singer may have even spawned is very own 'ohh laaa' with the 'ey ooh ohh' that appears on 'Give it to me straight'. But what makes The Locarnos far more likeable is that they put this pop sensibility to use within a direct and cocksure sound that will hit you with aplomb, and unlike when listening to the other two bands you wont feel like it's a guilty pleasure.

Whether or not this identity will stick with the band once the major labels cotton on to their gloriously pop-ridden sound is another matter. But lets hope they can because for now The Locarnos tick all the boxes. - Glasswerk National

"The Holloways w/ Tinseltown & The Locarnos @ Exeter Phoenix 20-11-07 (live review)"

Tonight’s local support band The Locarnos are paving their way to indie fame. After supporting The Cribs and with constant airplay from Steve Lamaq they’re getting lots of attention and gaining fans by the minute. Leaving behind some of their released tracks in favour for newer stuff shows that they want to move forward fast and in the process they’re making more sophisticated tunes.

By the time ‘Give It To Me Straight’ is released every Locarnos fan will have said song’s chorus spinning around their heads. It’s a shame the main support act couldn’t even meet those stakes. Tinseltown are like a cross between (bland) Dolly Parton and bland emotional rock. Live and on record ‘I’m A Dog’ is their best song, lyrics which convey some meaning, while the piano is put to its best use along side a guitar part which adds texture; a real spunky arty punk moment. Sadly the rest of their set sounds like a local radio friendly 70s pop group. Compared to the Kate Nash-type pop stars ruling the roosts at the moment this seems outdated as opposed to retro. If I can leave this on a good note it’ll be that they look the part.

Next up: The Holloways with their folksy, tango tinged indie pop. Constantly ready for a dance Tuesday night is no exception. With previews of new tracks fitting in seamlessly alongside crowd starters ‘Dance Floor’, ‘Two Left Feet’ and album track ‘Re-Invent Myself?’. Generator of course is the sing-a-long moment of the night they return after a minute off stage for a two song encore, which ends in members of the crowd jumping over the barrier, onto the stage and being dragged away by bulky, stern looking security. One guy was so enthusiastic about being part of the stage he didn’t want to let go of the microphone as the final song ‘Fuck Ups’ closed with a barrage of feedback.

The crowd more than pleased, security hacked off and a band likely to be headlining this same slot in a year all in one night, what else would you want from a gig?

By Nick Burman -

"The Locarnos – ‘Give It To Me Straight’ (single review)"

This exciting new four-piece from Somerset should be listed in the Oxford dictionary under the word ‘pop.’ Epitomising the aforementioned musical genre, debut singles don’t come much better than this. ‘Give It To Me Straight’ is catchy, charismatic and compelling.

Its syncopated bursts of electric guitar coupled with an exhilarating vocal whirlwind are impressive to say the least. Undoubtedly capable of burning holes in your dancing shoes, all three tracks on this single could potentially create the platform for a brilliant debut album. Juxtaposing Futureheads-esque vocal harmonies with Maccabees-style indie-pop, The Locarnos have a long career ahead of them.

If this is the future of the British music industry it looks extremely promising. Fantastic!

By Devon Bianchi -


Give it to me straight - March 31st 2008
Unlucky Strike / Make Up your Mind - 13th October 2008

Radio Airplay: Radio One, BBC 6 Music, XFM. Indie 103.9



The Locarnos are a four piece Rock/Pop band from the South West. The band emit a sound that has been described as a mix up the classic song-writing of Bowie with the attitude of The Strokes and the adventurousness of Bloc Party, without any of the irritating wackiness that goes with so many of today's fame-hungry ‘Indie' pop stars.

The unique, melodic style of front man Josh Brooksbank is fused with a wave of energetic guitar hooks, heart-pounding baselines and thundering drums has left audiences all over the country already dazzled with the band's performances.
The Locarnos are fast establishing themselves as one of England's premier live acts, with high profile gigs such as Glastonbury Festival and support slots and tours with big selling artists The Cribs, Glasvegas and The Holloways.
This summer, ‘Don't Give Me a Hard Time', which was recorded at Sawmills in 2008, will be featured in the movie ‘The Post Grad Survival Guide', starring Alexis Bledel (The Gilmore Girls/Sin City) and Michael Keaton (Batman).