The Lo-Fives

The Lo-Fives


The Kinks, The Pretenders, and Blondie have an orgy hosted by David Bowie...nine months later, The Lo-Fives are born.


The band initially came together not because of a shared interest in music, but rather a shared passion for low-fiving. Tommy (vocals, guitar, keyboard) met Carla (vocals, tambourine) at a low-fiving rally held on the front steps of City Hall. He knew she was something special when she shouted, "Death to High-fives!" and held out her hand extra low. He slapped it, looked in her eyes, and fell hopelessly in love. They soon found their way to a dive bar, where they heard an argument in which the offended party shouted, "Low-five, motherfucker, low-five," and proceeded to throw a mean left-hook into the shocked high-fiver's jaw, knocking him cold. He introduced himself as Josh (drums), low-fiver extraordinaire. At that moment, a grizzled voice from the corner of the bar announced, "Yeah, the high-five is dead- long live the low," and introduced himself as Chris (guitar, vocals), a new convert to the ways of the low-five. Upon learning of the others' low-fiving enthusiasm, he quickly rushed to introduce Joey (bass guitar), the man that had initially turned him on to low-fiving. At that moment, Tommy realized that Joey was his long lost brother; the two had been separated years earlier in a plot to sever the bloodline of Zorcon, the one, true low-fiver. Reunited at last, they decided to form a low-fiving society, until Carla said, "Does anybody here play music?" The rest is history.


Five Year Mission EP:
1000 Years
Put On Your Party Dress
Five Year Mission
Hesse's Rock
Paralell Mixup

Set List

Our typical set is an hour long, consisting of a few originals and songs by The White Stripes, The Strokes, The Pretenders, Blondie, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, The Velvet Underground, and many others. We typically play 3 hour long sets a night, or 4 45-minute sets a night, depending on the venue.