The Loftus Lounge

The Loftus Lounge

 Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA

We are an original, refreshing rock band heralding from the Chicago area. The Loftus Lounge combines carefully crafted lyrical expression with a familiar, yet unique sound. Heartfelt, meaningful songs presented by 4 guys who just love to see the smiles on the faces of the people that enjoy music.


The LoftusLounge is a thoughtful alternative to mainstream rock music.
Born out of the necessity to fill the gaps between his acoustic guitar and lonesome voice, former X-Parrot frontman Jim Loftus solicited the help of many a talented friend and acquaintance over the last 2 years to piece together a collection of 9 songs that represent an anguished hope. The Loftus Lounge provides that glimmer... Welcome.

Jason Watts, is the mutli-instrumentalist for the group. Lead/rhythm/slide guitars, mandolin, harmonica as well as collaborative songwriting.
Ron Dieken plays bass and contributes vocally while Jim Kerwin bangs the drums. They provide the rythmic glue and are the convincing soul to this dynamic quartet.

Influences ?? Way too many to name without excluding someone important. Let's just say we're all musical vagabonds that ended up together for some reason.

We'd rather have the audience decide...
We hope we sound like The Loftus Lounge .


Punching Bag

Written By: Jim Loftus

So hard to comprehend, so difficult to imagine
The powers of trust that lies within one
Who himself is weak and fragile

Having a harder time rubbing the sand out of your eyes
Scarred hands need time to heal
Non-alcoholic nights frighten me to death
Would rather see you drunk and useless

Way back when chivalry and courtship
Was our mutual friend
A ring slid on a finger, lips met with a kiss
A picture perfect beginning to a hateful,
Such a distasteful relationship
He said...

I'll give you everything you need
All the things that you deserve and everything I never had
If you would only be my one and only punching bag

Situations calm, yeah, everything is OK
The scars can heal for another day
I hate this existence that you've given me
Surviving all the lies instead of living pain free
She said...

I gave you everything you needed
All the things you thought that you deserved
Everything that my soul ever had
But I will never again be your one and only punching bag

Diagnosis Day

Written By: Jim Loftus

You walk through life one step at a time
You hope to find a twinkle in an eye
Steps become pained, the twinkle fades on diagnosis day

The hopes you had blurs all the lines
Wanting more , clearly out of mind
White became gray, the music changed on diagnosis day

Stop thinking about it, everything's the same
Stop wishing everything like this could go away
Everyone you need is planning on you to stay

You might walk through life a little differently
You might hope to find that simplicity relieves
The aching in your back, the burning in your head
And when that medicine attacks, leaves you feeling dead

Stop thinking about it, everything's the same
Stop wishing everything like this could go away
Everyone you need is planning on you to stay
Everyone you need is planning on you to stay

Theater of the Mundane

Written By: Jim Loftus

Theater of the Mundane

The cure for cancer can wait
Your favorite soap opera is on replay
Consult the text to find what's on next
Something so profound
It might turn your head around for a day

The elderly and hopeless can wait
The empty beauty parlor chair need a new face
And I hope to see, desperate ones like me
Searching for a change
A chance to rearrange for a day

You have far to much to offer
For someone to come along and stifle what you feel
Embrace the life you're living
Unleash the hidden talent you have
And truly make yourself happy, if only, for a day

All your secret dreams can wait
The theater of the mundane beckons you again
You'll see your simple life is mine
Don't have any time to let creativity flow
Into a world you'll never know, unless you try


The cure for cancer can wait


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