The London

The London


Think of what popular music is today and than expand what you think and include 4 guys that are ready to take the industry by storm. Get Ready! "Thank you very much for the performance, we enjoyed it immensley, and we also liked their direct approach and songs. " ~ Major Record Label Head.


Formed from 2 different known touring bands (who have been on Warped Tour for multiple dates, toured the US and more), The London is set to bring a brand new feel back to the music scene. They appeal to fans that listen to rock, pop, hip-hop, r&b, country, jazz, classical etc... They take pride not only with their music but also with their live show which is definately something not to miss.



Written By: The London

nothing like forgetting memories thrown into the night
nothing like playing with whats wrong and making it right
the taste ain't what it used to be, you're becoming numb
the walls were constructed dark and dismissive of light
the scent of failed attempts replaced the smell of the night
i never thought i'd see you smile so casually

tonight, i'll light the flame
tonight, i'll let it burn away

burn, ill burn for you if you let me in
just don't push me out faster that you let me in
my smoke signals will burn

i'm tired of thinking certain things that aren't even real
i'm tired of feeling certain things that i shouldn't feel
i'm gonna push you out faster than i let you in

tonight i'll light the flame
tonight i'll let it burn away



Set List

Can perform from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours