The London Project

The London Project


Don Carr and Lonnie Jeeves have been working together on various studio projects for the past 5 years now. Their music is reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Queensryche and Rush while introducing its own blend of hard driven guitar sounds and solid vocal harmonies.


The London Project is a collaboration between Lonnie Jeeves and Don Carr. They are currently working on their second CD titled "Argue Street" which will be completed and released by the end of the year (2007).

The band has been greatly influenced by such artists as Pink Floyd, Queenryche, Rush, U2, Alice Cooper and KISS.

Since 2005 Don Carr and Lonnie Jeeves have been writing and producing music in their own home studio. In early 2007, Chelsea Jeeves (daughter of Lonnie Jeeves) joined the band. Chelsea's supporting vocals have brought a fresh new dimension to The London Project.

They are primarily focused on creating music for radio/film/tv placement.

A little background on the songs you are about to hear;

"I Know She Understands" is a story about a young girl whos father runs out on her and her mother, never to be seen again.

"Future Mr. X" outlines the life and times of a mobster in the 1930's. He has been assigned the task of killing one of his own. Later he finds that it is his turn to be the next Mr. X.

"Leaving the Past Behind" is a song written about Chelsea's high school graduation.

Thank you stopping by and listening to our music.
Lonnie, Don, Chelsea and Chris


I Know She Understands

Written By: Don Carr, Lonnie Jeeves

She cries herself to sleep. How much their lives have changed.
And you know she's steaming mad. That would explain last night.
He...never...calls. Does he care about his little girl?
Does...he...know. He didn't visit last night.

And we try to pretend. Now we know she understands.
But she played it out at school. The teacher told us what she said.
Can you make this right? I know he's never coming back.
Be by my side. Holding hands every other day.

As time passes by. The whole world seems to change.
Her life is the same. He still haunts her at night.
I never said goodbye. He can't hurt her anymore.
Just the two of us. Wouldn't want it any other way.


"I Know She Understands" - currently being played on Nexus Internet Radio, iMusicScene and Home Made Hit Show

"Argue Street" - CD coming this winter
"Spiral" - CD (2006)

Set List

Currently in the studio and not actively gigging.