The London Souls

The London Souls

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The bastard child of a funk-driven Sly and the Family Stone, smashed together with the power-trio fist punch of Cream, propel the muse of a group of psychedelically influenced musicians known to the ragged underground as The London Souls.


Formed in 2005, The London Souls has won a fast following playing to packed houses at such New York venues as The Mercury Lounge, Bowery Ballroom, and Sin-e to name a few. With their rhythmic and melodic mix of rock and funk blended with a blazing brand of psychedelic, futuristic blues they are bringing LIVE back to LIVE music. All in their early twenties, the band is made up of Tash Neal (guitar, vocals), Kiyoshi Matsuyama (bass, vocals) and Chris St. Hilaire (drums, vocals). They will be releasing their debut album in the upcoming year.

Set List

Typical Set List is 45 minutes to an hour.