The Lonely Brothers

The Lonely Brothers

 Fremantle, Western Australia, AUS

Like hippies took over your loungeroom and played Bach and dub mashups, while you tried to drown it out with Led Zeppelin and Sylvia Plath.


After forming a little folk trio in high school, The Lonely Brothers have added members, played a bunch of festivals, released two records and steeped themselves into the WA music scene. They take honest folky songs and collide them with wine-tinged gypsy hobo rhythms and the high society of jazz and chamber music, creating an old-but-new sound.

Their latest release, a self-titled album, was written while leaving home for the big smoke, and touches on first love, the ocean, isolation and going crazy. It is the first release to include the expanded lineup of double bass and drums.

Other highlights for the Brothers have included appearing at Fairbridge Festival, Nannup Music Festival, Perth International Arts Festival, West Coast Blues & Roots Fringe and Nanga Folk Festival. They’ve also supported the John Butler Trio, Paul Kelly and Holly Throsby, as well as selling out the launch of their album at the Moore’s Building Arts Gallery.

After almost half a decade playing together, The Lonely Brothers recently took a hiatus to reinvigorate their souls, and get real jobs. They now re-emerge from their self-imposed exile with fresh ideas and a new fire in their bellies, ready to take on any audience that will have them.

“The Lonely Brothers’ sound wanders a softly downbeat folk acoustic style... monumentally tight.” - Drum Media

"Well, I'm giving my vote for the best band in Fremantle to the Lonely Brothers. Considering how much live local music I see thats probably worth something or other.” - Kulcha

"Jazz on your face! Folking your mum!" - anon.


But With Love

Written By: The Lonely Brothers

I've got music on my mind
And dirt on my feet
And the sounds of the sun, they drift through my window

On a cold day without rain
Sweet and dusky, hidden in the trees without leaves
But with love
Got back steps leading to nowhere
But everything must lead somewhere
Everything must lead somewhere

Well I look down the road
Or you could call it a highway, I suppose
It's past the river
But not if you go the other way around the world
There's a shop that sells love for half the price
And double the sweetness
Double, double, double the sweetness


Written By: The Lonely Brothers

Lightning falls on this hand of mind
Like a cane in the day
Like a mozzie in the night
I am coming back
I am coming back alright

Now I'm stuck in that transition state
Between house and home
Between love and mistake
I'm not quite sure who is walking past my door
But I think I should go
Follow them home

Oh Nothing Has Changed

Written By: The Lonely Brothers

I feel a little colder
Like the wind has come in from across the sea
I feel a little older
I keep finding myself staring at people I want to be
Nothing has changed, everything still changes

There's blood on my hands now
And it's yours and it's mine and I'm slowly fading
It runs down to water
The waves are over our heads and we need saving
Keep your head up my love, I'll be thinking of you

There's someone knocking, expecting an answer
And I can't give answers readily
There's someone faltering, leaning on us
And they're leaning
Oh so heavily

It's morning
The light has not come yet, we're not even asleep
There was no warning
It came like a tide and it won't recede

Wait for the turning, my love
You'll be free
There'll be no returning
My love, you'll be free


2009 - The Lonely Brothers album
2007 - Maybe You Can Remember EP

Set List

But With Love
A Thought
Social Lies
Winter Again
Can't You See Why I Am Hesitating?
Fifth Floor
Over Me
I Know My Love (Trad.)