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The Lonely Hunter

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
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"The Lonely Hunter EP Review"

According to their website, The Lonely Hunter can best be described as "a young band from Texas with a lot of talent, energy and passion." Having seen these guys live a few times over the years, I can verify this statement to be true.

Formed right here in Aggieland, a town musically dominated by country (and unfortunately, not much of anything else), The Lonely Hunter has managed to earn the attention of Bryan-College Station by producing their own unique brand of indie rock, so impressive and polished, that it can't be ignored.

Their latest self-titled EP demonstrates The Lonely Hunter has reached the point of musical maturity at which many bands possess enough confidence to drop everything else, and take a leap of faith with their music. From what I have heard on "The Lonely Hunter EP," it is time for these four guys to take the leap.

The opening track off of the six-song EP, "You Have To Know," is a song that seems to draw heavily from the traditions of Minus The Bear and Explosions In The Sky. The song is drenched in heavy guitar delay and reverb, creating a very open and expansive atmosphere. I can even hear a little bit of "Parachutes" era Coldplay in the mix. The next song on the EP, "The Tempest," continues to place most of the emphasis on lead guitarist Spencer Cogburn, but the skills of drummer Brian Cox are also showcased during several of the softer, more subdued portions of the song.

"Years Ago," comes off as the most solid song of the bunch, with an extremely radio friendly sound and slightly anthemic quality.

I could easily imagine this dreamy track getting The Lonely Hunter attention on a national level, especially when you consider that their sound is consistent with much of the music currently showcased on national radio.

The next song, "What Have I Found," is the most tranquil track of the bunch, displaying the undeniable talent of vocalist Collin Brewer as he intimately sings lyrics of triumph, which match nicely with soaring guitar tones and a touch of melodic piano. The next high-energy track, "A Feeling," gradually brings the EP back up to speed with an infectious dance beat and an intense series of driving bass lines by bassist Jacob Massey. I couldn't help but nod my head to this one (it's just too damn catchy). Closing out the record is, "Look To The Sun," a somber song that appears to be about saying goodbye (appropriately, for the end of an EP). The song begins with a very loud intro, which gradually dies down, though only for a second, before exploding into a series of super catchy choruses. As one of the louder and more epic songs on the album, "Look To The Sun," allows the EP to end with a satisfying bang.

With their self-titled EP, the band has managed to mix the expansiveness of bands like Explosions In The Sky and Minus The Bearwith the melodic dynamics of more radio-friendly bands like Coldplay, resulting in an interesting take on the traditional indie sound.

But what good is having good music if you don't put on a good show?
These guys have actually become well known here in Bryan-College Station for their intensity and passion during live shows, so you must not miss an opportunity to witness one of their performances. Thankfully, these guys are also currently under the incredible management of Jose Arredondo of Defacto Productions (whom I was lucky enough to interview a few weeks ago). The band is able to play at the entire major venues and festivals here in town and will be playing at this year's Rock The Republic music festival in Bryan. Get your ticket now while they are still available at the Rock The Republic website.

You can download "The Lonely Hunter EP" over at The Lonely Hunter's Bandcamp and on their Facebook page.
- The Battalion


By Joey Trevino
When I sat down last week with Collin Brewer (vocals/guitar) and Spencer Cogburn (guitar/piano) of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, it was obvious that they are headed for great things. But for this four-piece band, fame and fortune is not what making music is about. Instead they are just thankful for having the opportunity to be able to influence people in a different way.
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter creates an original sound that comes from a deep-rooted passion for creating art. According to the band, music has always been a source of inspiration in their own lives and they are able portray that through making their own original music.
“We have a genuinely good product,” Brewer said. “We all love music more then anything and none of us would be happy if we didn’t have an outlet like that. Music makes us happy and there is a lot of joy in our stage presence, it’s a passion that I think a lot of bands miss out on.”
Each member of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, which is based mainly out of the Bryan/College Station area, brings in a style that is based on the influences that have shaped the artists they have become. This combination of influences that include bands such as The Rocket Boys, Death Cab for Cutie, The Starting Line and many others form the sound that they call melodic indie rock.
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter delivers music with a foundation that is very melodious. The lyrics focus on a variety of aspects such as life, love, and the world around us. According to Brewster, most of his passion and emotion has come from the romantic department and that is what his lyrics reflect. In addition to well-written lyrics, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter features a solid rhythm section in Jacob Massey (Bass) and Brian Cox (drums).
The band released their first EP in December 2008 entitled “We’re not meant to be alone.” Their second release “places we call home” launched in November 2009 and “The Resolution” in May 2010.
Since the release of “The Resolution,” The Heart is a Lonely Hunter has been very busy working on a new concept album that should be released within the year. Although they were a little hesitant to say much about the new project, they did tell me that they feel they have taken a more “intelligent” approach when it comes to writing and are excited to see how things play out.
“I am in a life mode and I am taking in the things I love around me, whether that’s music or what I’m pursuing otherwise,” Brewer said. “Love is a part of life and it is going to be part of the album in that same way. This should be a telling album.”
Even through the strenuous process of recording their new album, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter has been bringing their unmatched stage presence to venues in College Station, Bryan, Austin, Dallas, and Houston.
They will be performing on September 24 at Lola’s in Dallas, October 13 at The Stafford Main Street in Bryan and October 21 at Rock the Republic music festival which will also be taking place in downtown Bryan.
You can find out more about The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by visiting,, and Copies of “We’re not meant to be alone” and “The Resolution” are both available for purchase on iTunes. - Maroon Weekly


"We're Not Meant To Be Alone" (Independent) - December 2008
"Places You Call Home" (Independent) - November 2009
"The Resolution" (Independent) - May 2010
"The Lonely Hunter" (Independent) - March 2011



The Lonely Hunter is a Rock band from College Station, TX. Despite the town's profound country music background, The Lonely Hunter has developed an original sound that has drawn crowds all over Texas. Most of the guys hail from the Dallas area and have spent their younger years around the big city scene. Now that they are in Central Texas, these guys have been a driving force in the local scene, and have begun to branch out into the surrounding cities. Their sound can be defined by their beautiful melodic textures from singer, Collin Brewer, and guitarist, Tyler Kern, with driving and intricate rhythms provided by drummer, Austin Laskowski, and bassist, Jacob Massey. In their latest self-titled release, The Lonely Hunter worked with Producer, MD Thompson, to create a 6-song EP that grabs you by the ear and holds you by the heart. The Lonely Hunter believes in music with a purpose and a meaning, and their on-stage performance shows nothing else.