The Lonesomes

The Lonesomes


It's all about five people who love music, love having a good time and love to rock the audience! The Lonesomes write catchy alt-country originals and play covers in their own unique style. With Andy and Amy leading the team with their sultry harmonies, the boys in the back bring the extra flair!


The Lonesomes is a Boston based band set out to play good old rock and roll with a country twist. An evening with The Lonesomes incorporates a diverse blend of contemporary and classic cover songs and catchy originals- Lonesomes-style. With a focus on sultry harmonies and overall musical performance.


Amy released the album Stages back in 2001, for more information on this, visit The Lonesomes hope to get into the studio later this year to record their debut album.

Set List

The Lonesomes play both originals and covers. Our originals have a hot alt-country style and we give all the songs we cover a nice lonesomes-edge. Covers range from Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard, to the Rolling Stones and Neil Young to Radiohead and The Cure. The typically play 2 to 3 hour sets.