The Lonesome Valley Singers

The Lonesome Valley Singers


David Chenery, a haggard punk rocker gone country crooner, along with his band mates The Lonesome Valley Singers are sure to play music that will stick with you no matter if you like it or not.


David Chenery spent his formative years in the idyllic small town of Summerland, BC. It was more like a wasteland for Chenery. His teens were occupied by drinking like a divorced fifty-year-old mechanic, vandalizing public property (inflicting as much damage as possible upon a landscape of fruit trees and ma 'n' pop shops) and immersing himself in music. He loved 70s punk, 60s pop and the strange sounds of contemporary weirdos like Good Horsey, The Pixies, Tom Waits and Mark Szabo. He also harboured a secret love for a certain syllphic country balladeer: Loretta's little sister, Crystal Gayle.

Until David moved to Victoria in 1999, he was not a big fan of country music. He associated it, as many do, with the craptastic "new country" sludge of Garth Brooks, Reba MacIntyre and the horrible, horrible Shania Twain. It was during a stint at film school that Chenery was introduced to the Carter Family, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Gram Parsons, and his songwriting changed... forever. Though he was still focused on dark melodies that chronicled visions of death and decay, his delivery became softer as he experimented with combining old-time country/folk sensibilities with the dramatic underpinnings of punk rock, cabaret and folk noir.

David enlisted the help of Mr. Martin Courchaine (Sensitones, Mondegreens) to step in on drums. Martin was famous for making a single high-hat and snare sound like a symphony of high-hats and snares. His sparse style fit perfectly with Chenery's increasingly sinister songwriting. Next came Kelly Klassen (Noone Else, The Gong Show). Kelly, "The Farmer" yanked bass notes out of Chenery's songs like so many weeds, creating bizarrely romantic melodies that stayed just below the surface, highlighting the despair/agony/heartbreak/anxiety of the songs. Jana McLaughlin joined The Singers shortly thereafter. David first knew her as Kelly's concubine, but begged her to join when he learned that she could play the banjo like a coke-crazed bitch. Finally, chanteuse Chelsea Wakelyn joined the troupe as a back-up vocalist and glochenspiel player.
The "new" Lonesome Valley Singers recorded an EP in 2004. 'Memorial' was immediately embraced by all weirdos, sad-sacks, freaks and bloated, broke-down, lonely booze-hounds.

The Singers will be touring soon in a town near you, before and after the apocalypse.


Tonight I'll Be Singing In The Devil's Choir - 2002
Memorial - 2004
Corpse Circus Revue - 2006