The Long Drive Home

The Long Drive Home


Take your dreams and run.


The Long Drive Home formed out of Jon Berenguer's desire to capitalize on his gift of writing music as he set out to write an album alone. Growing tired of doing everything by himself, he looked to collaborate with friend, and co-worker, Mike McMahon who helped to fill out the role of bass player. On a recent trip to North Carolina, to record an upcoming single, Mike asked his fellow bandmate, Steven Scotch, to join him and Jon and round out the rhythm section by playing drums on the single.

The three set out to China Grove, NC where they landed at Legends Recording Studio owned by Randall Karriker. While tracking the 3 musicians, Randall made the decision to assist Jon by playing guitar. With Jon just wanting to focus on singing a 2nd guitarist was still needed ... we decided to look for a 2nd full time guitar player and found David Whitmore allowing Jon to sing and bring his all to fill the roll as frontman.