The Long Road

The Long Road


The Long Road is a hard rock band that doesn't follow the trends that come and go. All members are music students, creating music based on they´re knowledge of theory and not by chance. The Long Road isn't bound by the times, they'r modern but never forgetting the past!


The Long Road started when Marco met Joel at a music school they both worked at. Marco saw Joel play at a ¨drum battle¨ and asked him to jam. Marco asked his friend from school, John, to cover on bass. After three rehearsals, they had finished four songs. After 3 months for rehearsing, they played their first show at a local bar. Soon after they brought in Max to fill out thier sound. The Long Road is currently gigging 3 to 5 times a month around Long Island.


3 Songs by The Long Road at McCoys

Set List

The Long Road have about a dozen original songs and 3 covers that are staples of their setlist. The originals are usually grouped by theme ("The Wolf"/"Mollycoddled," "Leave It Behind"/"It's A Shame") Marco often will ask they audience for the artist and name of 2 of the covers ("Avon" by Queens Of The Stone Age and "Precious and Grace" by ZZ Top) often offering a prize if someone knows. Max sings the third cover, a remake of the A Perfect Circle song "3 Libras."