The Longshadows

The Longshadows



The Longshadows

Robin Wilson (vocalist for the Gin Blossoms) and Steve French (guitarist for the English band Star-Club) met 12 years ago when their respective
bands were touring the States together.

The two kept in touch. Since then, the Gin Blossoms went on to sell more than four million albums, were nominated for a Grammy, have toured tirelessly and have been an ever-present voice on radio across the U.S.

French moved to New York City to concentrate on his solo performances and songwriting, and to further develop his music production skills.

A few years ago, it became obvious that, with Wilson's energy and interest in diverse projects and French's evocative material, a collaboration between these old friends could yield a strong and emotive album.

The result of the French/Wilson collaboration is The Longshadows and their debut CD, "Simple Minded Way." In 2006, The Longshadows will perform their first live shows and explore opportunities available to promote and further develop the project. French and Wilson plan to develop a fanbase through extensive touring and online promotion, and to eventually record a follow-up to "Simple Minded Way".


LP: Simple Minded Way