The Longshot

The Longshot


We, The Longshot, are a hard working, talented indie pop/rock band from the Midwest looking for a perfect opportunity to help us continue making music we love to play- songs full of energy, emotion and youthful humanity. Anyone and everyone can find a little of themselves in The Longshot.


The Longshot's lineup is simple, sweet, and everything the band needs- drums, bass, guitars, vocals. But The Longshot does so much with just the necessities.

Bringing back energies of early 2000's emo pop punk bands like The Starting Line and Something Corporate, and bringing in newer, fresh vibes from influences like Lydia and The Dangerous Summer, The Longshot plays a colorful bouquet of pop-flavored rhythm driven indie rock that shines through the dark smog of St. Louis' metal and hardcore scene. Not to say the local scene doesn't have any influence- there are definite pop punk and hardcore tinges to these songs off their newest effort, 'Handle With Care'.

It's obvious to those that experience The Longshot's energetic live performances around the Illinois/Missouri region that this four-piece means every note and lyric in each of their songs. Shows include performances of old unrecorded pieces, new material, and just enough breeze-shooting between songs for show goers to really feel one with the band members and the music they play.

The Longshot really is a product of both the times and the place, in the best way possible. Listening to 'Handle With Care' brings a thought-provoking sense of youth that leaves the listener in a better place.


Risk Everything

Written By: David Maness

You’re at my door
Cuz in my closed up cluttered mind
Was a light that you did find
I’m lost no more
Cuz I found my feet again
And the evening pulls us in
Say no more words
I wanna hear your voice again
Like no one else ever heard
Sing it back in my face
This is what I’ve wanted
Since I fell from grace
My shoes have seen worse days
Captain of my own seas
So I risk everything
There is no end
To the novels that we wrote
We keep adding extra notes
And your eyes are wide
Cuz I’m stepping out of the attic
For the first time

My Biggest Fear

Written By: David Maness

Sometimes you have things
You never want to leave or let go
What is life without memories to hold
I turn the lights out
And never leave this room
Until I’ve found a better way to breathe
I just wanna live
But that isn’t enough for life
We can’t make it through
Without a little bit of pain
So tuck yourself in
It’s gonna be a long night
There’s no more day for you to fight
And it’s hard to sleep when there’s still light
We sit alone and talk for hours
I wonder which of all the stars above
You’re closest to
If I cut the ropes and cut the bonds
Would I regret as much
Or would I write the perfect tune
These walls are splashed with
A perfect shade of you
In my empty bedroom
My biggest fear is for you to let go
But you don’t know
I watch your flowers bloom
But I will never forget you oh no
I won’t let go
But now you’re lost where I can’t seek
Between awake and half asleep
But now I see
All this golden soul below
We taught ourselves how to play this way
And shows
But I’m alive
And I’m coming back tonight
But give me time to find my mind
On the way home


Written By: David Maness

This one’s for the words
All the answers left unheard
The things I didn’t say
It’s just hard to speak
When I’ve lost my peace of mind
Cutting off my tongue when I hear your name
And now you’re right next to me
But I’m on my own
Are you doing better now that we’ve grown
Another morning view
This is three years down the road
I’m not spending all these midwest nights with you
I’ll never say I never meant it
But I’ll never step into Missouri again
And all your letters in my bedroom
Are turning yellow as the dawn that’s creeping in
We only die once
And for such a long time
Well it’s not my time


'Handle With Care' (2012)
1. Risk Everything
2. My Biggest Fear
3. Older
4. Tomorrow
5. Lost Boy
-Most recent effort. Full band, full sound extended play. Streaming on Facebook, Soundcloud,, and official band website.

'The Yearbook EP' (2009)
1. Prom, 321
2. Tomorrow
3. Phone Conversation
4. Just Kids
5. I'm Looking Up
-Acoustic solo piece from frontman, David Maness. Some material drawn from and used in most recent EP, 'Handle With Care' (2012). Streaming on Facebook, Soundcloud,, and official band website.

Set List

Risk Everything
My Biggest Fear
Waves On The Tide
Lost Boy