The Long Time Darlings

The Long Time Darlings

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Hard-hitting rock and roll from Pittsburgh, Pa. Big choruses, bigger hooks. Intense live, intense on the radio. Real, honest rock and roll. Tom Petty-meets-Zeppelin.


"They dig Otis Redding and Thin Lizzy in equal measure, they’re from Pittsburgh, and there’s a good chance they’re your favorite new band. The Long Time Darlings require no hyphens – they play rock, pure and simple. And they do it extremely well."
- Classic Rock Magazine

"Old school meat-and-potatoes blues a fight waiting to break out." -Burgh Sounds.

"Straightforward rock and roll somewhere between classic rock and the nineties alternative scene...fist-pumping good-time..."
-Pittsburgh City Paper

"The Long Time Darlings are on the edge of becoming a house-hold name amongst Pittsburgh rock fans...their sound is tried-and-true, hard-hitting, passionate rock n’ roll." -The Point Press

- "Swingin' for the Fences" featured TWICE at PNC Park
Pittsburgh Pirates games.

- "Fire It Up" to be used in local Pittsburgh film "Mr. Pleasant."

- "Babydoll" to be used in local film "Hustlebot", to be premiered
at the 3 Rivers Arts Festival!

***This Just In*** The Long Time Darlings will have their song "Babydoll" featured at PNC Park for the Pittsburgh Pirates 2011 Opening Day! Also, "Babydoll" is on a CD compilation for UK's "Classic Rock" Magazine in their December 2010 issue. It's a US-only edition of the magazine. The CD is covermounted with the mag and is out all over the US - 20,000 or so copies. The CD is all up and coming American rock bands. The song is available for download for UK/Euro readers as well.

***BREAKING NEWS*** “Fire It Up” was used in a movie called Mr. Pleasant which debuted at the Three Rivers Film Festival and this weekend will be shown at Detroit Windsor International Film Festival


Baby Doll

Written By: The Long Time Darlings

South Side, October night
the moon is full and the feeling is right
You hear me talking baby just like I do
I bought you a fancy drink but you flew the coop
I said "Oh no, honey, you did it again."

So long baby doll see you down the road

North Side, mid-July
the rain is falling like blood from the sky
you hear me crying baby just like I do
I got some money from the ferry but there never was a tooth
I said "Oh no, sweetheart, you did it again."

So long baby doll see you down the road


LTD, EP, 5 tracks, 2009

Baby Doll, EP, 3 tracks, 2009

G.F.Y., EP, 4 tracks, 2010

Honey Tree Evil Eye, debut full-length, 2011 (in-progress)

Set List

Back on the Wagon
Fire it Up
Come on Down
Smooth Talkin' Fool
Baby Doll
Lickin' the Salt
You Know I'm Right
Long Road to Memphis
Goodbye, Good Luck
Now You Know
The Hornet
Swingin' For the Fences
Rock Until You Die
My Bullets Don't Miss
All For a Dream
Honeybee (Tom Petty)
Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry)
Moonshiner (Bob Dylan)