The Longwalls

The Longwalls

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"A perfect blend of Americana and catchy-as-heck pop." — Band in Boston

"Our Americana is one that can look one direction and see America, yet look the other direction and see the wild expanses of the untamed ocean. The Longwalls have captured this essence." — Boston Band Crush


Mining indie rock, country, and the worst of basic cable, The Longwalls make American pop music. Featuring ex-Gatsby heroes Alan Wuorinen and Brandon Comstock along with Dan London and DIY wunderkind Kurt von Stetten, The Longwalls stalk a line from noise to twang—exploring ideas and ideals from pop and pulp alike.


Kowloon (December 2012)

These songs soar and crash with astonishing grace. — Aiding & Abetting

The Longwalls evoke wintry discontent and hope springing eternal within the walls of their latest album, Kowloon... a lovely novella of an album. — The Owl Mag

The Longwalls have created a solid album that treats melancholy with a bit of twang, a pinch of grunge and a ton of heart. — mxdwn

The Longwalls capture the sound of a dusty repetitious highway and the lonely poetic spirit of adventure. — Mojophenia

At once unsettling, melancholic, and peaceful. Indeed, as the listener reaches the final track a feeling of tranquility has already been delivered. — Boston Music Vibe

Careers in Science (March 2011)

Top 10 on the Boston indie radio chart for April / May 2011.

The pure sound of these songs provide such visceral pleasure that between being swept along into the reflecting tide pool of tracks like “Sargasso in Space,’’ or being struck by the stately, Sheila Divine-esque “King of Country,’’ parsing any over-arching narrative or grand theme seems beside the point. — Boston Globe

Dark Academy (April 2010)


"The Longwalls have one of the sweetest Alt Country ballads I’ve heard in a while.." — Slowcoustic

"This record has all the earmarks of a future classic and gets better with every listen." — The Noise

Field Guide for the Zombie Survivalist (December 2008).