Thelonious Jus

Thelonious Jus

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Are You Like LL Cool J In 86 Saying "I Need A Beat? Let Us Help....The Innovations Of Music In Computers. Soul In The Machine. The Heart Beats Ring Of The Bass Drum, Hi-Hat, And Snare. Invest In The Seed If You Want Your Tree To Be Rooted?


I Believe Firmly In Using Our Talents To Invest In Children, which are the future.
Taking the time to show a teenager how to sequence a beat, chop-up a sample or even EQ a recording. My goal is to open a facility geared to teaching kids and young adults how to express themselves thru music. Also teaching them the technology and business of music. As for myself this is the "Show & Prove" Generation So I'l Let The Music Speak For Itself....


Mixtapes -
98 - "Eno Style Presents..."
99 - "Notic Syndrome"
00 - "Ill Street Blues"

Set List

3 - Over - 1
Born Knowledge - Spoken Word
Ronnie Phelps - Vocal Expression
Thelonious Jus - Production/Emcee