The Lookaways

The Lookaways


High energy, Catchy, Female fronted, Punk band from Nyc with influences of Elvis Costello, The Muffs, Bikini Kill, The Queers, Ramones and much more!!!


We are The Lookaways from NYC! A catchy, fun female fronted punk band. We have been compared to band such as The muffs, Lisa Marr, and many other great punk musicians. With unique sounding vocals and catchy melodies, as well as 4 great musicians we hope to go far!


Live @ CBGB's Demo. We are in the middle of recording our first EP!

Set List

Our set is usually 30-45 minutes, depending how much time we are given. Usually 11 or 12 songs. Sometimes we throw in a cover at the end of the set.