The Lookie Loos

The Lookie Loos


The Lookie Loos are Oasis meets The Strokes with a bit of bite. British Pop sounding vocals and a classic rock uptempo beat makes this band very listenable. After writing hot tracks together for a few years, these boys are improving all the time.


The Lookie Loos have been playing and writing songs together since 1995. While the lead singer/songwriter, Tim Steers, finished his music degree at The Waikato Institute, the band started playing to larger and larger crowds. In the last few months they have played at The Big Day Out, New Zealands largest rock festival.

Their debut 6 track EP "Timing Is Everything," bombards you with catchy vocal melodies and hard hitting beats that never fail to catch the listeners ear. The Lookies release showcases the group’s energy and passion with clear references to the bands influences in their writing. The music is very accessible and sits firmly in between genres from pop-rock, indie to blues. The rousing choruses of "Back of my mind" and "Next year" are sure to be live favourites as the pace of the record increases and the band hit their stride. The challenge is not to move your feet.


Timing is Everything - EP

Set List

1. Lead Her To the Car
2. Back of My Mind
3. Count To Ten
4. Sweet Release
5. Next Year
6. Picking Up Sticks
7. Movements Got You Down
8. Heaven's On The Ground