The Lookin' Drawer
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The Lookin' Drawer


Band Folk Celtic




"Notes From The Lookin' Drawer"


Baz McSherry — Lead Vocals
Rachel Toman — Fiddle, Vocals
Jonny Toman — Bouzouki
Darren Crossey — Upright Bass
Alison Crossey - Bodhran

Charismatic singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland discusses the creation of the band’s album as well as a glimpse into his musical childhood.

Like a veteran stage actor, singer songwriter Baz Mcsherry uses his mastery of pacing, vocal delivery and charisma to his advantage. His voice has the nuance and depth of Christy Moore while possessing the soaring seraphic range of Sting. His first name is catchy…Baz. You can’t miss it. And judging from the videos for The Lookin’ Drawer, you can tell that this artist has what it takes for mainstream appeal yet never losing the things that define his music: solid harmonies, entrancing melodies and mesmerizing vocals. Even the album artwork can catch one’s attention. It conjures mystery and nostalgia. It already tells what you can expect in this album-rich atmospheric tracks and deep lyricism. Together with the talented band members, The Lookin’ Drawer is an album that is artfully crafted and worth enjoying for years. And yes the album title is also the name of his band.

It is an honor to have an interview with Baz Mcsherry . Something I was looking forward to ever since a link to his video A Song of Tribute to Sarah Jane got sent my way by a friend. It was destiny.

We were looking to name the album and didn’t want to name it after any particular track. The name, “The Lookin’ Drawer”, originated from a conversation between myself and Jonny Toman, (the album’s Producer).We got to talking about our grandparents and Jonny mentioned that when he came to visit them as a boy, he would run past his grandmother to play in his favourite drawer in the kitchen. The drawer contained items his grandfather acquired from antique auctions, e.g. old fashioned playing cards, pocket watches, flick books, lighters, marbles , trinkets etc. His grandmother used to say about her grandson , “ There he is away into the Lookin’ Drawer again!” . I thought Wow I wanna Look! That’s the name of our Band now too, from the album our band was born.
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"Irish Band Led by Baz McSherry ”The Lookin’ Drawer”"

I was chatting with my friend Jimmy last night. He was the one who recommended this band led by Baz McSherry from Northern Ireland. We were discussing how important showmanship is in establishing an artist’s musical career. I totally agree with him because the music business is a very competitive world. To quote from him “ The bar is already high and anything less just doesn’t stand out.”

Baz McSherry and the rest of his band have both the talent and showmanship as obvious in this video. Enjoy!

Live Lineup… Baz McSherry-Acoustic Guitar, Lead vocals
Jonny Toman-Acoustic Guitar,5 string Banjo Bouzouki, Lapsteel
Rachel Toman- Backing vocals / Fiddle / Percussion
Alison Crossey- Bodhran / Percussion
Darren Crossey - Upright & Electric Bass / Acoustic gtr / Vocals .

- The Celtic Music Fan


The band all played on Baz McSherry's debut album which was recorded in 2011 in Lurgan, Co.Armagh Northern Ireland by Jonny Toman. Rachel, Alison and Darren all played they're part on the songs and since then everyone has joined forces and formed a band called after the album ''The Lookin' Drawer''. Other musicians on the album were:
Eamon McLoughlin Fiddle
Eimear McGeown Whistle
Brian McAlinden Side drum
The album is available to buy on iTunes, Bandcamp, cdbaby and can be heard on MySpace and Facbook.
It is played regualrly on BBC Radio Ulster in Northern Ireland.

Instrumental Version of the album



“Something special” are the words used by Gerry Anderson on BBC Radio Ulster in Northern Ireland to describe the collective musical abilities of the newly formed 5 piece band,

“ The Lookin’ Drawer”........

The combined talents of Baz McSherry, Jonny & Rachel Toman and Darren & Alison Crossey prove that their experience and direct fusion of various styles and genres bring a new and exciting brand of modern folk to our attention. They take inspiration from the much beloved Folk and Trad genres, but with that they bring top drawer song-writing and arranging skills, the music they make has also some contemporary commercial feel. This band can cater for any music scene.

Adding guest musician Brendan Hendry to the line up and they add that something extra also to the Traditional Irish Music Scene!!

This group of musicians were initially brought together in the studio for the recording of Baz Mcsherry’s debut album, this quickly became the springboard for a new and creative project that developed naturally into a band, they would be named after his album, “The Lookin Drawer”.

Jonny Toman brings his excellent technical musicality to the table with his multi instrumental talents heard on the bouzouki, Guitar and 5 String Banjo. He lends his producing talents to the bands recording efforts and proves that he is a main driving force within the group.

Rachel Toman provides a touch of class with her Piano and Fiddle playing within the band, she is the glue that holds together this unique sound and lifts the music to another level.. With her classical background Rachel’s contribution to the band is unmistakable.

Alison Crossey is widely recognised in traditional music circles as an outstanding Bodhran player and a key percussionist. Having years of experience within the Tradscene she is highly regarded by her peers and as a result her abilities are displayed quite prominently within the band, driving the songs and tunes with her distinctive rhythmic style.

Baz McSherry has a keen head for song writing and provides the backdrop for the entire band’s performances through his songs. Baz brings his interpretation of the world to the band through his eyes, and gives them a quality of lyrics rarely seen. He also plays guitar and is responsible for bringing the idea of the band together.. like a beatin’ drum!!!

Darren Crossey provides the heartbeat and drive of the group with the double bass. Having spent most of his younger life travelling and playing music through America and Ireland, Darren is no stranger to the music scene. Having also being widely regarded as a unique and talented guitar player and singer, this is just another chapter in the story of “The Lookin Drawer”

Other Members
The Lookin’ Drawer also have a Guest Band Member called Brendan Hendry, Brendan is a well respected Traditional Irish Fiddle Player who hails from Bellaghy in South Derry. So far this year Brendan was awarded with Musician Of The Year from Live Ireland Music Awards 2012. Brendan defines what is means to be an Irish Musician, his style and taste are impeccable.
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