the Look Machine

the Look Machine


Like music that means something? Bands that aren't trying to sound like a certain stereotype, but write the songs they want to play – a unique mix of acoustic, electric, strong vocals, and memorable hooks? Give the Look Machine a chance.


"You've got a problem." Said a first time listener. "First you sound like rock, but it isn't quite rock, then you sound like folk, but it isn't quite folk. You need to make up your minds!"

We've made up our minds. We will write our own music, we will play our hearts out, and we will continue to defy easy classification.

We will combine intricate acoustic guitar with hardcore rhythms and crunching distortion. We will rock, but we won't shy away from a more earthy, folksy sound.

We’re five guys all reaching for the unreachable, believing in the unbelievable; but that’s ok, hopefully the soundtrack to the struggle will be good.

Far more than just a way to pass the time or even a tonic for a troubled soul, music is a way of life for each of the band members. We’re made up of friends and brothers, all musicians from childhood, all optimistic visionaries with high hopes and a daring dream, struggling to create music that is touching and powerful – first to us and then to the people who hear it.

In 2003 the Look Machine was born in an attic with acoustic guitars and burning hearts. The band has slowly evolved into what it is today. We started playing better, louder, more intensely, developing a real sound. We experimented with different styles, searching until we found our own.

Hardcore rhythms combine with fingerstyle intricacy on the guitars. The vocals are beautiful, yet marked with raw passion. The drums and the bass carry the music with a powerful beat. It’s not a style that’s easy to classify, and it’s not a sound that’s easy to forget.

Drawing on our varied musical backgrounds (born of a love of classic rock, modern rock, folk, even. . . showtunes) and crafting a sound that is unique and memorable, we’re shooting for the top, and having fun along the way. While we want fans that number in the millions, we will be honored if we could play a song that means something to even one.

And with the recent release of our debut full-length album "Above this Clouded Mind," produced by Nathan Gray and Josh Latshaw of Boy Sets Fire, we're ready to take the next step.

What comes next? Even if it all ends up in glorious failure, it will still be worth every minute, every risk, every note, and every dollar spent.


Falling Behind

Written By: j. Latshaw

I didn’t ask to be placed here. Forced to bear your name. Born to bear your shame. You see. . .you see. . .

You see me, that’s not me, I swear that I am different.
You heard me, I don’t know, I know that’s not what I meant.
I’m edging towards admitting desire, but what of me will survive this fire?
Whenever I push, think I’ll never tire I find myself overrun again. Falling behind.

Moving forward, we hit a wall. Undercut when I stand tall. Clutching your coat and closing my eyes, tossing maidens to angry gods.

All of my life. I struggle just to find a glimpse of your eyes. And have an ounce of your pride. In me. All of my life, I am the one, to break from the crowd and reach for the sun. And if it’s a struggle, a foe you want, then I will wrestle until dawn.

Moving forward, I fall behind. You’re twisting my ankles. You’re carving me out.
And though I stumble, and when I fall, I'll remain till the end of all.

All of my life, I am the one, a little different, a little undone
But if it’s a struggle, a foe that want. Then I will wrestle until dawn.
I’m burned in this fire.

Simpler then it seems

Written By: I. Palkovitz

Lift me up high,
Above this clouded mind
I need to see clearly
I want to be where you are
Whatever makes you smile
Whatever makes you laugh
Whatever makes you love me
Whatever makes you laugh
Whatever we have lost
And whatever we may find
I want to know you...

I'll lift you up high
Above these clouds and smog
Together we'll see clearly
I want you... To be where I am
Please be with me.

Whatever makes your heart beat
Whatever makes you dream
Whatever is a mystery
Whatever makes you sing
Wherever this road leads
And whatever we may find
I want to know you

So tell me what you're thinking
Tell me it will be OK
Tell me that you love me
Tomorrow is another day
Show me you have a plan for me
Please give me a dream to dream
I need to hear you whisper love...
Is simpler than it seems.

As Much

Written By: J. Latshaw

We knew from the start this wasn’t the movies.
(We had no roles we wanted to play.)
Two empty people needing all with nothing to give.

We knew this road we travelled wasn’t easy.
(Not always scenic and warm.)
It’s kind of merciful we didn’t know where it would lead us.

Don’t take these thoughts as meaning that I would do anything differently.
That would mean that you and I would be apart and if there’s anything I know it’s that we belong together.

In the light of a world where all are born crippled.
Nobody calls anybody lame.
It’s a brilliant world that we are building, and it’s getting brighter everyday.

So let’s love each other as much as two flawed hearts can love, take you to hell and back.
And let’s stand together as strongly as two cripples can stand, when they stand together.
And let’s love even when we’re not so easy to love, which is more often than not.
And let’s marvel at the depth of care that our careless hearts can have.

[Carry me. Carry me.]
And I’d do it over, and over, and over for you.
All the pain and the heartache are worth it for you.
And I’d do it over, and over, and over for you.
All of the pain and the heartache are worth it.

Don’t you cry, one more time. Don’t you cry, one more time.


Singles -
"Falling Behind" Radio Play on Wilmington Delaware's 93.7, WSTW
"Falling Behind"
"Falling Behind" Inside Connection Radio Show, 104.5 FM in New York
"Falling Behind" The North Dakota Independent Music Podcast
"Falling Behind" Indie Rock Show Xtreme
"Falling Behind" The Indie Limelight Radio Show - syndicated to over 5 million listeners.
"Falling Behind" OutBound Music
"Falling Behind" Independent Nation radio show
"Falling Behind" Radio Play at
"Fanatic" Radio Play on Wilmington Delaware's 93.7, WSTW
"As Much" Radio Play on Generic Insight Underground Radio

EP -
If I knew what to say, 2004. 4 song EP sold out.

LP -
Above this Clouded Mind, 2006.

Set List

Our typical set list is set to the particular show. If we're playing a punk basement show in New Jersey, we'll play a harder set with a couple acoustic songs thrown in. If we're playing a coffee house, we can play a completely acoustic set. We normally play anywhere from 20 - 60 minutes, depending on whether we are a supporting or headlining act. We're very flexible, and enjoy all settings.

The following are songs that we regularly play live:

As Much
My Name
All Our Hands
Falling Behind
If I Ever
Open My Eyes
Whipping Boy
Simpler then it Seems
Stop the Bleeding
Live Our Lives