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"Mechanical Perfection: Band finds blueprint for success"

With a new album "Above this Clouded Mind," local musicians The Look Machine prepare for fame, fans and Thailand

In the past few years, the Internet has been the promotional outlet of choice for up-and-coming bands.

The Look Machine, a genre-transcending quintet featuring university alumni Jason Latshaw and Collin Palkovitz and sophomore Ian Palkovitz, is by no means an exception.

Yet its Internet grassroots approach has garnered a strong but unique fan base - including Mary Wheeler, editor of "The Vine," an online Christian magazine for teenage girls based in Oregon.

In November, the band - rounded out by the Palkovitzs' 17-year-old brother and drummer Shane and Latshaw's brother-in-law Drew Copeland on bass - was electronically accosted by Wheeler, who was so inspired by the Look Machine's song "Simpler Than it Seems," she created a music video for it.

"It's a funny story," Latshaw says. "She really liked the song. We were getting 100 to 200 unique visits a day because of the video, probably all from teenage girls."

As a band with ages ranging from 17 to 30, the Look Machine's influences are reflective of the band's age gap, yet there are certain bands all five members can agree upon as blueprints for its unique folk-meets-hard rock sound. The band says it credits Muse, U2 and Newark's own Boysetsfire as influences.

And the connection between Equal Vision Records' Boysetsfire and the Look Machine is not strictly geographical.

"My brother's in Boysetsfire," Latshaw says. "When we first started doing demos, he liked what he heard. They produced our first album and helped shape our sound."

Copeland also says Boysetsfire is an optimistic reminder a band can be from anywhere, including Newark, and become successful.

"It's a big inspiration to see a band from Newark make it big," he says.

With do-it-yourself ethics, the Look Machine says it has happily, if not humorously, "paid its dues" as a local band - even at the university.

"We played UD's 'Relay for Life' last year at 3:30 a.m.," Latshaw says. "Unfortunately, we didn't know there was a sizeable amount of people that just wanted to sleep. We thought they wanted us to keep them awake, so we played a big electric set. We got shut down in seven minutes."

Although the band can jokingly discuss its past shows, its members agree the local scene hasn't been the most welcoming.

"Its been hard for us," Latshaw says. "We're not a bar band and we're not a cover band. People want to hear songs they're familiar with, but now that we have an album, hopefully we can change that."

Along with its newly recorded album, titled "Until the Dawn," the Look Machine continues to use the Internet as its main outlet for not only its music but its thoughts and ideals, which has ultimately helped gain more fans and listeners.

Band members log on to the Web site and use it as an online journal, or weblog, to post photographs and personal rhetoric. The topics range from sports to the environment to politics. The Web site's expansive subjects have led to many Web surfers, 800 to 1000 unique visitors a day, according to Latshaw, who stumble upon the Look Machine via Google - even by mistake.

"I posted about Terry Schiavo one day," Copeland says. "But I spelled it wrong. And for the record, Schiavo is not spelled 'Chivo.' "

Alongside those interested in high-profile euthanasia cases, Latshaw says the Look Machine has gained many listeners from an unlikely location - Thailand.

"We have a fair number of fans from Thailand," he says. "It's all because of search engines. We'd love to go to Thailand. It's actually one of our goals. And that's not a joke."

While it's clear the band members have a sense of humor, they say the main focus is creating meaningful music. With a Boysetsfire-produced CD and fans across the country and world, the timing appears right for the Look Machine to take it to the next level. But Palkovitz says the band is not necessarily looking to rush into anything.

"We're not in a huge hurry," he says. "We can wait. We have something to offer."

Lead singer Latshaw agrees with Palkovitz's sentiment and says the band is just looking for an opportunity to make new fans.

"We want to be signed but we're happy doing what we're doing now," he says. "More than the money, it's letting more people hear us. We truly love these songs."
- University of Delaware, "The Review"

"The Look Machine"

The Look Machine is one of the biggest local bands in the quad-state area. Having witnessed them play two times, I can honestly say they put on a great show. Their music has a very original sound and their musicianship and style are both very intricate.

They are currently working on a new album and are hoping to tour for it. I am definitely looking forward to catching their new album and seeing them again, because as most of us know, it's hard to find local music that is truly exceptional. So if you get the chance to see The Look Machine play, take it; you won't regret it.

- The Towle Bridge

"MP3 Alert - The Look machine"

As I mentioned in the past sunday's post, The Look Machine is a rocking rock band that has been recording with post-hardcore kings Boysetsfire.. the very fact that bsf is taking The Look Machine under their wings should be a good indicator of some talent here.. and it is definitely true.. as far as i can gather they are a bunch of brothers and brothers-in-law that play some good rock music with a solid folk undercurrent that resonates in the voice of the lead singer Jason. They cite everything from Counting Crows and the Smiths to U2 and Boy Sets Fire as influences and some of that shines through. At times soft, at times intense, always well composed. The Look Machine has a good thing going here, maybe a few more family members will get married and bring in new band mates. - audio blog

"The Look Machine"

A new Alternative / Indie / Rock band from Pennsylvania United States.I'll let you listen their some of records.Their song ''Simpler than it Seems'' is my first impact about their music.I started to know them by this song.And I wanna say this is my fav. song of them.Because This one contains
lots of guitar creaks.I liked the creaks in this songs,It's starting with good tunes and going' on.It can be easy to relax and have a rest ,get away from your hard works.Let's know them more...
Note:Their song ''Whipping Boy'' is the best choice after listening ''Simpler than it Seems''.
They just recorded their First full length record, produced by Josh Latshaw and
Chad Istvan from Boysetsfire.They'll be releasing it in mid april.

You can hear some of their recordings on their site: - Modern Music: Rock and Music Village (from Turkey)

"MP3 Alert - The Look machine"

I've been awaiting the release of the debut The Look Machine album for a couple of months now. As you may or may not remember, these guys have been recording with the guys in boy sets fire (perhaps the most spectacular post-hardcore band playing thesedays). The Look Machine's music stands on its own and is equally powerful in a slighly different direction drawing upon elements of finger-picked rock. A fan of bsf will notice a little bit of a imprint of bsf upon the look machine's music and this is definitely a very good thing.

The Album "Above This Crowded Mind" opens with the impressingly solid track "As Much". "Falling Behind" follows with a blend of distorted rock and softer melodic portions. "Whipping Boy" and "Fanatic" fill out the album with more quality songs that show what the Look Machine is able to do sonically. "Simpler Than it Seems" is the standout track of the album. Opening with a soft finger-picked intro that gently escalates into a catchy and heart-felt chorus and finishes nice and strong. All in all this is a very nice listen and a great start for these guys. I await more good things in the future. - Call Me Mickey


Singles -
"Falling Behind" Radio Play on Wilmington Delaware's 93.7, WSTW
"Falling Behind"
"Falling Behind" Inside Connection Radio Show, 104.5 FM in New York
"Falling Behind" The North Dakota Independent Music Podcast
"Falling Behind" Indie Rock Show Xtreme
"Falling Behind" The Indie Limelight Radio Show - syndicated to over 5 million listeners.
"Falling Behind" OutBound Music
"Falling Behind" Independent Nation radio show
"Falling Behind" Radio Play at
"Fanatic" Radio Play on Wilmington Delaware's 93.7, WSTW
"As Much" Radio Play on Generic Insight Underground Radio

EP -
If I knew what to say, 2004. 4 song EP sold out.

LP -
Above this Clouded Mind, 2006.



"You've got a problem." Said a first time listener. "First you sound like rock, but it isn't quite rock, then you sound like folk, but it isn't quite folk. You need to make up your minds!"

We've made up our minds. We will write our own music, we will play our hearts out, and we will continue to defy easy classification.

We will combine intricate acoustic guitar with hardcore rhythms and crunching distortion. We will rock, but we won't shy away from a more earthy, folksy sound.

We’re five guys all reaching for the unreachable, believing in the unbelievable; but that’s ok, hopefully the soundtrack to the struggle will be good.

Far more than just a way to pass the time or even a tonic for a troubled soul, music is a way of life for each of the band members. We’re made up of friends and brothers, all musicians from childhood, all optimistic visionaries with high hopes and a daring dream, struggling to create music that is touching and powerful – first to us and then to the people who hear it.

In 2003 the Look Machine was born in an attic with acoustic guitars and burning hearts. The band has slowly evolved into what it is today. We started playing better, louder, more intensely, developing a real sound. We experimented with different styles, searching until we found our own.

Hardcore rhythms combine with fingerstyle intricacy on the guitars. The vocals are beautiful, yet marked with raw passion. The drums and the bass carry the music with a powerful beat. It’s not a style that’s easy to classify, and it’s not a sound that’s easy to forget.

Drawing on our varied musical backgrounds (born of a love of classic rock, modern rock, folk, even. . . showtunes) and crafting a sound that is unique and memorable, we’re shooting for the top, and having fun along the way. While we want fans that number in the millions, we will be honored if we could play a song that means something to even one.

And with the recent release of our debut full-length album "Above this Clouded Mind," produced by Nathan Gray and Josh Latshaw of Boy Sets Fire, we're ready to take the next step.

What comes next? Even if it all ends up in glorious failure, it will still be worth every minute, every risk, every note, and every dollar spent.