the Loons

the Loons


The Loons is a trio of Florida crackers that know how to spank an oak tree. The Loons are a rythmically driven band that plays a variety of original music with backwoods sensibilities.


The Loons' sound probably fits best in the broad category of alt-country/freak folk/the next label the media decides to come up with for acoustic-based but open-minded music. We're out in the wilderness with twisted trees. Our inspirations range from a cornucopoia of influences and musical interests. Combining bauzooki, baritone ukelele, mandolin, and guitar with upright and electric bass, midi-keyboards, natural and synthesized drums, and a rugged vocal approach. The Loons offer a sour-mashed sound fermented in a smokey room. Give us a listen and find out for yourself.


mexico with no dough

Written By: harold gertner

wish you could pour me some soup mama, cause i'm so cold and tired, and i'm too long gone from my home; the world has gone crazy and there's goat blood all around me and i don't know where my spirit has flown; (chorus) but mexico city ain't no place for a gringo with no dough, especially since yo no hablo espanol
the police they started to bug us and they searched through all our luggage, but they found nothing, just like me, it's so hard to be a lonely man, but there's five dollar one night stands down here south of the land of the free; (chorus)
now it's cheap obnoxious pinatas full of bubblegum and other teeth rotters that always end up busted on the floor, just like tequila induced demands shouted at mariachi bands and arguements lost to a bar room door; (chorus)

caddillac preacher

Written By: harold gertner

preacher man on the tv, gonna tell me how things ought to be, get them demons to quit my head, rest easy when i lay down in my bed; (chorus) send my money to the number on the screen, just send my money to the number on the screen; well, he's got himself some fancy talk, and he's got himself a whole lotta fancy walk, hands on looks like he'll heal the lame, come on old man won't you get up and walk again; (chorus)
well i guess jesus won't save me, cause i can't pay my way, yes i guess jesus won't save me, cause i'm sitting here broke today
won't you pass down my bottle, boy pour me another glass, cause i an't got no faith in no god no more, that caddilac preacher he killed the last; (chorus)

same old way

Written By: harold gertner

saw her drive by in a brand new car today
she had a new man too, but she was smiling the same old way
seemed kind of funny cause i held her in my dreams last night
we a beautiful future just barely out of sight

i know i smoke too much remember she told me so
used to drink too much too, but i gave that shit up two long years ago
my chest it still rattles whenever i fall alseep
and most night forget to pray the lord my soul to keep

saw her drive by in a brand new car today
she had a new man too, but she was smiling the same old way


The Loons - broken
The Loons - ride alone

Set List

original music by harold:
never wanted to be like them
sing me a lullaby
five shots of moonshine
on a bus
caddilac preacher
hang your dancing shoes on the wall
mexico with no dough
out of austin
didn't hear nobody pray
we're all gonna float
bob's rv roundup
same old way
beyond you and i
x-mas waltz
valentine's day
matilda wiley

gillian welch, townes van zandt, guy clark, steve earle, johnny cash, drive by truckers, nrps, woody guthrie, and some traditionals