The Loose Threads

The Loose Threads


Intense, high energy punk/post punk, Midwestern Brit rock.


The Loose Threads play high energy, intense, guitar driven punk/post-punk influenced rock 'n' roll. The guitar interplay favorably brings to mind such highly regarded legends as The Clash. The melodic yet slashing leads channel The Pixies and Dinosaur Jr. and a Joy Division influenced driving, bouncing rhythm section ties everything together.

After making their rounds in the local scene, The Loose Threads released their first album in October of 2006. Although together for only two years, the band is already making a lot of noise in the local Cincinnati scene, playing shows at local indie hot spots like Northside Tavern and nationally recognized venue The Southgate House.


Wait For Me

Written By: Gene Rubow

Darling...we're just too young
to be anything more than some
summer fling...a little thing.

Oh now, don't you cry. I'm really not that sort of guy who would make you feel hallow within, you should take vicodin and just forget.

I miss you, I kissed you and I loved you all over.
Why put up a fight when you can just come over?
In the morning we sort it all out...give me one more chance!
Or, is that too much to ask?

Wait For Me...all you've got to do is wati for me...and baby we'll take ecstacy...Spinning underneith a streetlight. Do you feel allright?

Is this the part where we go down as the two most miserable people in town?
If I need you like the dawn needs the sun then why don't you stay? Why do you run?

Do you think you'll find someone better who will buy you flowers and write you love letters?
You want it all...enjoy the fall and when you've crashed and burned will there be anything left of you at all?

Wait For Me...all you've got to do is wati for me...and baby we'll take ecstacy...Spinning underneith a streetlight. Do you feel allright?

Combat Zone

Written By: Gene Rubow

May I ask you a question?
(But why bother when you don't listen?)
How can you sleep at night in this cold mausoleum all alone?
For you and me it very well could be a statistical improbability that we'd survive the fall out from this
four post king sized combat zone. In your post modern kingdom of chrome, locked in your, you're on your own.

A single bulb burns over head from a dilapidated chandelier but it's the digest in your eyes that ignites the room burning brighter then it has in years. Picking fights will boil down to this: two rabid dogs foaming at the lips. You'll swear just like a sailor and you'll kiss your mother with your mouth from what I've seen the entire town. The boys and the, you're on your own.


1) The Loose Threads EP
Released April 2006
**Combat Zone now playing on Moozikoo radio and featured in Moozikoo radio's Best Of Indie Compilation**

2) The Loose Threads
October 2006. Full Length debut.

Set List

We play a 45 minute-1 hour set. Our set list includes:

Screaming Confessions
Wait For Me
The Drain
Little Miss Lonely
Rolls Royce Pit Whore
Combat Zone
It Was Fun
Sent Me On My Way
Prison Sentence
Teenage Rebellion
Agatha, It's The End

We also regularly cover Teenage Kicks by the Undertones. During the holidays, we'll play Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight) by The Ramones.