The Lorax

The Lorax


the lorax has soul. No bullshit poses or rock clich├ęs- Rock music with integrity, heartfelt lyrics, some of which are inspired by people and life in New York City post 9/11.


the lorax is a songwriter's band. Our sound is influenced by many artists including Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Pete Townshend, Beck, Neil Finn,
and Karl Wallinger(World Party). Some have likened us to a heavier Toad the Wet Sprocket. We prefer vintage sounds Gretsches & Gibsons, Wurlitzer & B3,
vocal harmonies. No long-winded & meandering
jams. Music that gets to the point and connects viscerally with our audience.


Neighborhood Tune

Written By: Andrew Edlin/the lorax

I'm not going back to my old neighborhood no more.
Everyone's a stranger, my name's been scratched off of every wall.
I was throwing wishes at the wall, seeing which would stick and which would fall.
When everyone was moving to the right I tried to keep my head down out of sight.

I remember some high ideas when you got out of school.
Working for the Peace Corps, or teaching in the New York City schools.

And now I see your hair slicked back just right, the skin around your jaw is stretched so tight.
I'm looking for a sparkle in your eyes, but all that i can see are dollar signs.
Tell me where you gonna be 5 years from now, I bet that you've exactly planned it out.
I'm hoping that the time will never come when you forget that you were ever young.
Were you ever young?


Written By: Andrew Edlin/the lorax

It was 5 o'clock in the morning, she had a full tank of gas in the car.
She was off to the Big Sky.

25 years old today.
25 years old today.

It was too late to go back to school.
and she was tired of waiting on drunks, actors and fools.

25 years old today.
25 years old today.

Saw a rest stop in the twilight, pulled over to the side.
And called Ophelia in California, and said I took a little ride.

25 years old today.
25 years old today.


self-titled 11 song cd, currently available thru our website,, and at gigs. We have gotten airplay on over 75 college stations this summer via a campaign by The Planetary Group. Another 6 week push is scheduled for 9/6. Our tunes can be heard on our website as well.

Set List

We typically do 1 set at our NYC gigs lasting about 50 minutes. Here is a set list from Makor on 7/13. We will be playing Fez on 9/17.

Open Road
Neighborhood Tune
The Man I Used to Be (Jellyfish)
Let it Go
Last Daze
Don't let it Bring You Down (Neil Young)
Floating Back
Black & Blue
Make a Deal with the City ( East River Pipe)
They're All in Love (The Who)