The Lord's Demons

The Lord's Demons

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The Lords Demons are determined to spread the word of thier love of music. Quikly becoming icons in the juggalo world and breaking into the hip hop scene strong and hard. These are 3 highly motivated and determind artist who aim to make thier presence know to all and Set out to bring real rap back.


The Lord's Demons are made up of two men with unmeasurable talent from oppisite sides of the country. Coming together and combining the skills of the East and West coast to conqure the country. Determined to bring real rap back Damien Shadows and Dirty Worm speak truth on thier tracks. Speaking on real life exsperinces and thier love for juggalos, Lord's Demons have been welcomed with open arms to the Juggalo World. As well as Juggalos, the Hip Hop world has been unable to ignore the exsplosive talent of The Lord's Demons. With the newest addition to Lord's Demons, artist/producer Lil'D conquring the country is in sight. Lil' D brings so much talent to the table the demons are on overload. The Lord's Demons energy and determination results in one night bangers any day of the week. The Demons have a very energetic and confident stage presence. Never satisfied until the crowd is chanting thier name,and knowing there is always room for improvment, the Lord's Demons have never put on an unsatisfactory show. The Lord's Demons music is 100% original. All tracks were done completly by the demons. From pen and paper to a fully pressed cd and every step inbetween was done by members of the group. The Demon Set have hit the scene hard and plan on coming harder to make a bigger impresion on the minds of the industry. Never stopping till they reach the top, nobodys heard the last of the Lord's Demons, for they have just begun.


Lords Demons
Big B.O.S.S Stars vol.1(compilation cd)

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no covers, set time varies