The Lords of Delray

The Lords of Delray


Southwest Detroit`s psychedelic, hard-nosed, funk-assed, straight-up rock and roll band.


We are a original rock band from Southwest Detroit. Our style ranges from hard, to slow, to slow and heavy, to funky, to schunky.

We enjoy playing our music for folks who appreciate
fresh rock and roll. We have haunted the original band circiut around Detroit for a few years, and have played the Mitch Album Show a couple of times as well.

What ever we play, people seem to dig what we are doing,which encourges us to continue.


LP- People are Animals too.

Set List

The Hurricane Song
nylon and Red
Fire up the Bomb
Take me With You
Vernor Highway
Kiss my Ass
Just Hangin` on
Field of Glass
Happytop mountain
Gone for long
sacrifice for the Tides