The Lost Americans

The Lost Americans


Acoustic singer/songwriter. Some say I sound like Elliot Smith or Neil Young. I don't think I sound like either although I'm not offended by either comparison.


I write music, record and perform it.



Written By: Patrick Glynn

Climb on down and I’ll try to talk to you
Feel the ground till it’s safe to tell it to

The one you love
The one that all the anger is about
The one who’s here
And fought it all
Abandoned until now

Take your time it’s a life to disabuse
I’m entitled, resolved to hear the truth

Of who you are
And where your gaze has fallen under mine
Of where you ran
And recreated all your pain in mine

Timing isn’t everything
It’s an open heart with a conscious soul that survives
You said you wanted everything
Well you held it all while your shaking hand was in mine
I know you lied


Written By: Patrick Glynn

I know that no matter where you are

I’ll grow somewhere within your heart

And I believe

You are tearing my heart right now
I hope I’ll learn to forget somehow

But I believe


I am currently working on a record. Some of the tracks are done and have been played on Between The Lines radio show--WMSV 91.1 (Mississippi).

Set List

Original songs (about 40 minutes). I sometimes cover a Leonard Cohen's "Bird on a Wire" or the Wilken/Dill song "Long Black Veil".