The Lost Babies

The Lost Babies

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

The Lost Babies are traveling down the familiar streets of rock’n roll.


The Lost Babies are quickly earning a place among hearts in Toronto. Having established only two years ago, in the summer of 2011, they have wasted no time in claiming their stake among the city's rich oasis of burgeoning rock and roll. Consisting of Valerie Messy, Ken Boville, Mamoru Anzai, and most recently Davey Dee, the Lost Babies have developed a sweet and menacing punk-meets-jazz repertoire. They combine a refreshing array of familiar influences from Iggy and the Stooges with the frenetic energies of PJ Harvey or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Becoming a "must see" band in such a short period is no easy feat, but the Lost Babies have seemed to do it without breaking so much as a sweat. In their brief lifetime, they have made strong allies with notorious music personalities such as Craig Laskey, Dan Burke, and Ewan Exall and have put on critically acclaimed shows alongside other impressive acts such as ZOOBOMBS (Japan), Last Years Men (U.S), Teen (U.S.), Young Rival (CAN) and Invasions (CAN).

"One of the best Toronto club acts I've seen in years..."
-Dan Burke, The Silver Dollar

"Frontwoman Valerie Messy is a creepy-cool combination of low-street fashion, Darby Crash/The Germs, and, um, I want to say… Fucked Up’s little sister? And then her bandmates!"
- Paul Aguirre-Livingston, The Grid

"A band like The Lost Babies keeps me wanting to go to shows with a hope to catch something so thrilling like this set."
- Kanae Doi, Music Psyhos

"Lost Babies frontwoman Valerie Messy had impressive presence and charisma."
- Benjamin Boles, NOW Magazine

"The Lost Babies opened things up with an old school punk aural firestorm. Featuring a singer who looks like she could be Mick Jagger's long-lost lovechild with Jeri Ryan, and a flamboyant Japanese guitarist sporting a Jimi Hendrix-style afro you could say they embrace showmanship."
- Uber Rock

"Attitude means everything for The Lost Babies. Rooted in a New York post-punk style, this four-piece also skirt the edges of classic rock and indie rock, navigating through driving guitar riffs, exuberant drumming, and a grooving rhythm section, underscored by the charismatic presence of frontwoman Valerie Messy, belting out vocals and radiating a genuine passion for performing by flailing and rock-posturing to an enthusiastic crowd. It’s a frenetic sound, but while relying on loads of swagger and energy, The Lost Babies are traveling down the familiar streets of rock’n roll."
-The Lonely Vagabond


Holy City EP, August 2012