The Lost Dolls

The Lost Dolls


our music comes from a place that is unbeknownst to any of us,but feels as familiar as the warmth of a friendly bosom. some call it rock n roll though


if you wanna know what we listen to, the list is long! marshals top 5 fave albums are as follows 1)ok computer-radiohead 2)electric ladyland-jimi hendrix experience 3)i am the blues-willie dixon 4)appetite for destruction-guns n roses 5)nebraska-bruce springsteen. this is a small sample of what spins on one of our turntables. we have been running and playing together since the beginning of time and plan to do so til the end...though there is no true beginning or end in this universe. we are also very well behaved young boys


our first album titled 'lonesome ghost' has just finished its final touches and will be available shortly. the band is still coming together for the celebration.

Set List

our sets can begin and end in the blink of an eye or a lifetime. we play songs we write and songs others write. we have absolutely no desire to play anything for the sake of playing it. if we play a booker t song or a radiohead song it's because we love it.