the Lost Followers

the Lost Followers

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

The Lost Followers: a group of friends drawn together by a love of music & performing. Their diversified backgrounds create a unique approach to their music that ranges from swing to blues to folk to pop to country. An eclectic mix of musical talent performing both original & cover tunes.


Karen Mills was born and raised in small town Saskatchewan. She started playing guitar at twenty, teaching herself her favorite songs by Emmylou, Crystal Gayle and the Judds. She was a closet player and songwriter for many years, performing private concerts for only her family. As the demands of wife and motherhood took over, her guitar was put into the closet, by itself, where it stayed for 16 years.

In 1999 Karen moved to Calgary with her children and a much loved, but lonely guitar. The music flame was re-kindled when she was encouraged to attend her first FAMI camp in 2004 and the songs keep coming. "I have many interests but songwriting is my passion." Once I stood up and said: “I am a singer/songwriter”, the doors have opened. The music community is so amazing and encouraging. I have met the most wonderful friends and LIFE IS FUN!!!

Murray Little was born and raised on the Canadian Prairies. Picking up a used guitar in high school, he taught himself to play the folksy music of Peter Paul and Mary, Gordon Lightfoot and the Kingston Trio. As happened with Karen, the demands of “life” took over and playing music was set aside.

When Murray started playing again he was drawn to gospel music, the finger picking blues of Mississippi John Hurt and the songwriting styles of Kate Wolf, Eric Bogle, John Prine and David Francey. But Murray’s greatest inspiration was FAMI - where he started writing songs again, performing publically and meeting musical friends – members of the Lost Followers included. So taken with the FAMI experience, Murray became a steadying participant in FAMI's success: as an Instructor, a Director and Ambassador. Murray continues to develop his finger picking style, perfect his Mandolin, write songs and navigate the fretboard of his electric bass.

Wayne Corner grew up in Montreal – a folkie with West Indian roots. After a brief career as a musician during his teens, he moved to Western Canada which has been his base ever since. He can often be found playing a guitar or mandolin on his porch overlooking the foothills of Southern Alberta. Since moving to High River, Wayne has collaborated with a wide variety of musicians and participated in a number of musical projects, including Hamm Corner and Gitter’s Critters. Wayne has enjoyed a lifetime of music and recently has pursued it with serious intent to become a versatile player who is at ease flipping from swing to blues to country to folk. He certainly knows his roots (there’s even a touch of reggae to be found). Wayne’s influences include everything from Pentangle to Nina Gerber to Mississippi John Hurt, Tim Williams and Sam Cooke.

Song writing and singing vocals with the Lost Followers is keeping him extremely busy.


The Lost Followers Debut CD ~ Shootin' the Moon is now available. 8 original tunes and 3 cover tunes. For more information check out our website at

Set List

Set List from a recent performance. - those marked with an * are original compositions by members of the Lost Followers

Set One
Ribbons & Bows
*Strawberries & Mint
*It's My Brew
*Paraiso In Mexico
Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
Bring It On Home To Me
Choo Choo Cha Boogie
*Shootin' The Moon
Give Me One Reason
Too Sober To Sleep
*Summer Fun

Set Two
In Spite Of Ourselves
*High River Rag
Alberta, Alberta
*Birds & Bees
*Take Me Down
Sixteenth Avenue
*A Long Way To Go
Love At The Five & Dime
In A Town This Size
Honky Tonk Angels