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The band is scheduled to release their first EP in mid december.



"We are all tied down to our own limited perception of ourselves." Using this concept and emphasizing its truthfulness along with its cure, is what makes the Lost Leaders stand out from the never-ending line-up of spotlight seekers. The image of a giant elephant tied to the tiny peg in the ground represents a story. A boy at the circus for the first time saw an elephant tied to a pole by only a thin rope. "Surely, the elephant could just break the rope and run away! Why doesn't he?" the boy asked. The father replied, "You see, when the elephant was little they would tie him up with this rope. The baby elephant would try with all his might to escape, never succeeding. Years of trying and failing etched a strong message into his head that he can't break free. So now, the circus only has to use this thin rope." The Lost Leaders realized themselves through this story and are making their fans do so with them.
Roey and Daniel first met at a local jazz bar, where Daniel was working. Both coming from Israel, they immediately started playing together, along with Neil, who was working as a bar tender at the time, making his way through a degree in jazz performance. Finding a bass player wasn't easy, but after the first note Joey played, they all knew to look no further. Joey was an old friend of Daniel's who had been buried under computer science books at university for a few years.
The Lost Leaders first EP is a long awaited project whose sound and texture will leave you pondering where they've been all this time and anticipating their debut CD that will set the bar higher still.