The Lost Show

The Lost Show


The Lost Show have been perfecting their musicianship and stage presence as a six piece all over Adelaide for the last few years. After some recent setbacks with some key member changes, the band are now back on the live scene with their second EP just around the corner.


For the last few years, The Lost Show have been performing as a six-piece all over Adelaide and it's surrounding areas, building a name for themselves with their own brand of melodic rock. Throughout this time, their musicianship and strength on the stage has grown considerably helping the band to secure a reliable group of followers and sell out the first run of their self-titled EP.

After some recent setbacks regarding some key member changes, the band have hit the ground running as they return to the Adelaide live scene. Now performing as a five piece with a revised direction and a plethora of new songs, the band's sound has changed significantly. The epic clean guitar harmonies and hip-hop influences that stood out on the first EP have been replaced by an almost by an almost punk influenced sound that is complementing by the searing vocal melodies. With more shows on the agenda (including a support slot for Melbourne's Jericco) The Lost Show are readying their second EP for a release in early 2012.


The Lost Show EP (2010)