The Lost Souls Club

The Lost Souls Club

 Southampton, England, GBR

The hooks of Kings of Leon, the cool of Black and the edge of a Jack White creation.
If you like rock you'll like this.

Already played the UK, Australia ,China ,Cambodia ,Vietnam , Singapore & Canada and touring the Home Counties & South of England extensively this Autumn/Winter with new album .


The Lost Souls Club were recently featured on BBC Introducing and hailed by the panel including The Independent’s Simon Price as a band to fill The White Stripes’ empty shoes.

They are a UK band who play rock as it should be; dark, brooding and dirty, energized with a psychedelic twist. The sound of reverb, fuzz and massive hooks delivered with passion puts them sound wise alongside The Dead Weather, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The White Stripes, The Arctic Monkeys and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

They also have an alter ego, a sinister and seductive acoustic side that is just as thrilling as their rock n’ roll persona, but with a naked intensity that conjures comparisons to Nick Cave and Johnny Cash.

After appearing at China's Inter City Music Festival in Beijing The Lost Souls Club hit 2011 running and were booked to headline a tour of Asia, sponsored by Tiger Beer. This was a sell-out tour wowing crowds across the Mekong Delta in Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi. March saw them off to Toronto, to perform at The Canadian Music Fest 2011, and then, as a result of their performance at the One Movement Festival 2010 in Perth, they have been on the road again, touring Vietnam, Singapore and Australia from November to January this year. In the weeks up to setting off they have also won the Best Alternative Act Prize at the 2011 Exposure Music Awards in the UK.

This summer they released HIGH NOON, their debut EP to glowing reviews and have just signed to Select Booking agency (Nine Black Alps, Spotlight Kid) so will be touring the UK extensively in early 2013. The Storm Sessions acoustic EP is to be released on 22nd October 2012.
SIMON PRICE: (The Independent)

“The lyrical themes are suitably noir…so they sit alongside bands like The White Stripes and The Black Keys….and look like a junior Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds”

MISCHA PEARLMAN (Freelance journalist – KERRANG, Clash, Record Collector)
“Perfect to soundtrack both wild Friday nights of excess and the gloomy sad Sundays that always follow, the likes of Kiss Away The Sun and Romeo are monochromatic slices of life that retrace and then reinvent those such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Raveonettes who came before them. The guitars are fuzzy, the vocals sleazy, the songs themselves urgent and paranoid, almost as if they’re scared of the impending sunrise. It’s thrilling stuff.”

“Their dark, pulsing rock swirls with a sinister malice that sets the tone perfectly...”

“The Lost Souls Club maybe a musical home for the heartbroken and dreamers, but on this showing I think they'll very soon need to start booking larger venues in which to hold their meetings, as they are about to explode.

"With hints of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Jesus and Mary Chain, as well as NIN-edge that remains, there’s a real intensity that really makes it hard to turn away. There’s something dark and wrong going on here, but at the same time its irresistible… you just want to reach out and touch it."


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Written By: Jon Tufnell

I saw this old dead dog in the road
It reminded me of someone I know
Just a flash of a forgotten dream
Where i was looking in the mirror at me
I guess we’re all terrified of the future
Where we’re all sat at computers
She said I need to get some cleaner air
Or at least run a comb through my long lank hair
But when I’m all alone I always think of her

There’s this lady
Who visits my house
I guess I could just get her kicked out
She’s been hanging here now for weeks
But it makes me happy when we sit down and speak
Together about when we were young
Every summer was filled with the brightest sun
The flowers that I put in her hair
I noticed it is something she still wears
And when I’m all alone I always think of her

And when I look you in the eye
I hope my feelings don’t show
I wouldn’t like you to know
That I’m still in love
I think I’d rather be a 100,000 miles from home
Without a papa or a rolling stone
Or a telephone
I’d be completely alone
And not hurt you anymore

You’ve heard it all before
How can I make it on my own

We're All Gonna Die Anyway

Written By: JonTufnell

I’ve got people saying move forward
And I got people saying step back
But I think I should stay right where I am and take a damn good look at a map
Well now I’m being told to live in the city
They tell me I’m wasted out here
But being in a place with that many people fills my heart with fear

I get up and waste the day
Just messing around in really stupid ways
Is there really a point in ever doing more?
When we’re all going to die anyway

There’s this cute brunette in the corner
I swear she was giving me the eye
But when I went over and told her about my life she began to cry
Because no-one wants to hear your problems
No-one wants to be that bored
They just want to make you think that their life is so much better than yours

I get up and waste the day
Just messing around in really stupid ways
Is there really a point in ever doing more?
When we’re all going to die anyway

Kiss Away The Sun

Written By: Jon Tufnell

I’ve got a question that’ll cause a reaction
I know its early but would you wake up
Not too quickly or you’d lose your composure
I’m in the running
Can you catch up?

So i kiss away the sun
So i kiss away the sun
And again and again i see your face
The dark of the night is our secret place my love
Watch me kiss away the sun

The noise outside seems a little less frightening
My frozen heart is beginning to thaw
And in our world between sunset and sunrise
I don’t need anything anymore


Oct 1st 2010 Romeo ; Single : C-sounds
Dec 6th 2010 Leave The Light On : Single : C-sounds
June 4th 2012 High Noon EP : C-sounds

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