The Lost Weekends

The Lost Weekends


Some amalgamation of alterna-rock, folk, shoegaze and country; disparate influences, to be sure, but they become a cohesive whole. The Lost Weekends exist as an arena for Mr. Goldman (of Mr. Fish) to showcase his more serious fare, and for Mr. Lundgren (of The Left) to be a little less brooding.


Bored over Christmas break, two warring factions came together at a geo-political summit to reconcile their differences. With instruments. The resulting recording came to be released as a free EP called "The Lost Weekends"; its sole purpose was to dissuade the rest of the world from entering into the foray of melody-based warfare.

Needless to say, no one heeded this warning, largely because the EP failed to circulate beyond a small group of friends. HAVE NO FEAR, WORLD! Another warning is on the way in the form of a full length, due at the end of the summer!

(In accordance with international by-laws and decrees, the here undersigned do agree that the above history is 100% truthful)

-Nick Lundgren.
-Nathan Goldman.


Any More

Written By: Nathan Goldman

Silence is vague
Silence is hard
It’s hard to known just when it starts
But once it starts, it’s unlikely to stop

Surrender is weak
But living is hard
And I don’t know if it’ll ever stop
But I’ve got a feeling it’s not likely to stop

I don’t care anymore...
Maybe I never did
I don’t care anymore...
Maybe I never did

Visions from books
Fucked me the worst
Made me believe, made me give it a chance
After chance after chance...

Till there was nothing left
Just a shell of my words
And a childish promise we’d never deserved
Well what have we learned...? Well what have YOU learned?

Not to care anymore...
Maybe you never did
I don’t care anymore...
I wish I never did

Faces fly ’round
They ’ooh’ and they ’ahh’
But they don’t know what they’re talking about
And they’ve never known what they’re talking about

But neither did I
And neither did you
And that’s why we’re torn, mixed up, confused
Looking for someone to tell us how and why and how and why and how

But they don’t care anymore...
Maybe they never did
They don’t care anymore...
Maybe they never did

We don’t care anymore...
Maybe we never did
I don’t care anymore...
Maybe I never did


The Lost Weekends - EP (January, 2008)

Untitled - (TBA)

Set List

At the moment, The Lost Weekends' thirty to fourty minute set consists of about 1/2 originals and 1/2 covers, a ratio which is sure to shift as recording of their forthcoming full length commences in June.

Cover Repertoire:
Beck - Lost Cause
Interpol - NYC
The Magnetic Fields - Yeah, Oh Yeah!
The National - Blank Slate
Yo La Tengo - Beanbag Chair