The Lottery Winners

The Lottery Winners

 Manchester, England, GBR

Overall winners out of 10,000 entries at Live & Unsigned 2010 at the O2.
Opening act at the International Music Festival in Rome last November.
Over 28,750 hits on You Tube.
Played the prestigious Band on the Wall in Manchester, both times for the BBC.
Sold out their debut EP ‘Drawn by Children’
Album available SOON ‘The Art of Communication’
Singles ‘Paper Plate Faces’ & ‘Lovers Lane’ available on iTune & Amazon, etc



The group formed in 2008 and all members are from Leigh, Lancashire.

With their infectious melodies and a song writing conglomeration of musical merit, it is no wonder why the sound of The Lottery Winners often evoke comparisons to their favourite bands. The Lottery Winners combine wry lyrics with a modern beat with just a hint of the 50´s.

Over 28,750 hits on You Tube, not bad for a virtually unknown band, winners of the Live and Unsigned 2010 event held at the O2, opening act in Rome last year for the International Music Festival and came second in the Whittles Battle of the Bands, they have surprised a lot of people and attracted a whole new audience from many different generations.

The lead singer is a spirited character, a true performer who involves the whole audience, this summer alone they have supported the likes of Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly, Sham 69, Kid British, the Toasters and Spunge. They have also supported the Cheek, Apples, Sound of Guns, Lancashire Hotpots, Northern Uproar and I Heart Hiroshima, amongst others.

“We're really excited to get our singles and new album completed, and get on the road with it. We can't wait to work with lots of diverse and interesting musicians, and are overwhelmed and flattered to have the opportunity to do so.” - Thom

“They came, they played, they blew us away. The listeners loved the Lottery Winners”..…………….. Tony Livesey, BBC 5-Live Presenter

"The Lottery Winners were the highlight of Beckfest 2010 - it was the most animated I've ever seen any crowd this weekend. Fabulous, such good natured, feel good music, a mix of their own and their own take on other's people's work. It's close to genius."
Nicole Regan,

"The Lottery Winners were a must-have for Valentine Rock 2010. "They were top of our wish list for our music festival as we knew how they worked a crowd. We were delighted to have them perform and would have them back in a heartbeat."
Terry King, organiser Valentine Rock, Workington

Pulled the biggest crowd at beck fest in 2010 and they didn't disappoint them this band has everything you need for a perfect blend good melodies' lyric's that are infectious and a bit of comedy chucked in the mix . Headliner's Next year ? One word to describe The lottery Winner's ...Jackpot !!!
Quote from Beckfest 2010

‘A refreshing new alternative sound that has wide audience appeal.
The Lottery Winners are a Manchester-based quartet, who derive their music from an eclectic mixture of musicians ranging from
The Beach Boys to the Smiths. Certainly a band to look out for.’

It is their dream to be on 'Later with Jools Holland' and keen to be at both the Leeds and Reading festivals next year.

Left to right:-

Rob: Guitar and vocals. 21. Rob and Thom met at school and have also done some comedy nights as a musical duo. His main influences have been from Graham Coxon of Blur and he adores the Beatles.

Kate, is a real ´cool cat´ the youngest member of the band at 18. Kate plays bass and vocals. She loves the Beach Boys and she has a passion for all things from the 50´s. Her is aim is to buy a Fretless Jazz Bass to give future recordings a smoother, earthier sound.

Thom: Guitar and vocals. 21. Thom tends to write the songs, initially and then they all arrange them later at rehearsal. He has been a Smiths fanatic for as long as he can remember. He is indebted to the strange mix of musical influence that Morrisey and Marr brought to their band and is keen to experiment with his own unusual mix of Indie Pop with a bit of surfy Rock´n´Roll.

Alex: Drums and vocals. 21. Professional drum teacher, Alexandria aspires to the talents of drummer and lyricist Neil Peart from Rush and brings an eclectic mix of metal and progressive music giving breath and complexity to the groups sound.


Robert and Thom met when Thom was 'politely removed' from his school. They instantly became musical partners. Rob and Thom were on very different ends of the social scene whilst at school, so a lot of the time they had to pretend not to know each other. Thom was a self-proclaimed cool kid, and Rob was considered not. How times change!

Their musical love for each other remained a secret affair for the two years whilst Thom was at that school. After leaving school, they went their separate ways and didn't see each other again.

Time passed and Thom was playing in a band in 2007 named Laeka, and they had booked a support band. The support band had arranged to meet, and possibly audition a new singer but then guess who walks in but Robert.

Thom ended up leaving Laeka and joined the band that Rob had successfully auditioned for and there they were, making music together, all out in the open! They played a lot of gigs before it came to an inevitable end. Rob and Thom remained the absolute best of friends


Paper Plate Faces
Lovers Lane

Both available on iTunes and Amazon