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"Concert Review - Cincinnati, OH - July 2008"

Three twenty five on Thursday, June 26 saw tuba and euphonium players streaming from Corbett Auditorium to Corbett Theater (with only a little confusion about the names) to witness the premiere performance of Joe Murphy and LoudHorns. As I took my seat for this show, a fellow tubist warned me that I might want to sit further back, as these guys make a point of living up to their name! This is a group that Mr. Murphy put together of the top-call studio brass players from Nashville, TN. The list of people that these gentlemen have played with is astounding: from Maynard Ferguson to Michael Bolton and Garth Brooks to Aretha Franklin. The influence of Maynard Ferguson is immediately apparent with LoudHorns. Through several of his band’s charts, all of the brasses get a chance to play higher, faster, and louder. This includes tubist Joe Murphy, because there is an electric bass player, the tuba is freed to take a more melodic role in this group. Notably all three of the trumpet players in this band could play lead in just about any group in the country. It is the kind of situation where you have to call them first, lead, and principal trumpet because all three are so outstanding.

It is also immediately apparent how much Joe Murphy cares about this group. He is the “front man” and puts on a good show. He strikes a fine balance of information and humor in his introductions to tunes. A simple scan of their program makes it clear how much time and energy he has put into getting this group off of the ground, as nearly every chart is his own arrangement. The audience was even witness to some of Mr. Murphy’s conducting skills.

LoudHorns treat their show as a rock band would. Each of the ten instruments are individually miked and run through the PA. To this same end, the members of LoudHorns have no qualms about putting on a show: It was a miracle that no one was hurt during Roy Agee’s animalistic trombone solo in Maynard Ferguson’s Left Bank Express. Each and every member of LoudHorns is a soloist and at some point all of them were featured. The brass playing is backed by an excellent rhythm section that is partially composed of Mr. Murphy’s students at Cumberland University. Bass player Tony Nagy held down several of the performances throughout the week. Adam Agati, guitar and Ron Gilmore, keys added some tasteful solos and added an extra level of sound that takes the brass band into the rock music arena. For this listener, the standout of the rhythm section was drummer Jason Waters. His groove remained rock solid as he experimented with sound textures and a funky assortment of polyrhythmic devices.

In addition to the Maynard Ferguson standards, the band covered tunes from Aerosmith, the Yellowjackets, and Queen. The arrangements remained true enough to the originals to be respectful, but always had something new to bring to the chart. This was most effectively done with Freddie Mercury’s Magnum Opus Bohemian Rhapsody. This piece has been performed in many different instrumental and vocal combinations, but most come off as caricatures of the original; humorous because of the discontinuity of hearing it in a concert hall. The LoudHorn version had a very heavy introduction followed by an all-brass exposition. This gave Murphy the opportunity to do some true, bass role tuba playing and then flex his conducting chops. The program ended with the classic Weather Report tune Birdland. LoudHorns received one of the few standing ovations that the discerning ITEC crowd gave out over the course of the week. On the whole it was a great way to break up a day of classical recitals and give the conference attendees a chance to hear some music in the high register as a way of “cleansing the palate” before diving back down to the low end.
- International Tuba & Euphonium Association Journal

"One For Maynard"

LOUDHORNS/One For Maynard: In the tradition of great “groups” like Area Code 615, this bunch of Nashville session cats that specialize in brass instruments have banded together and kicked out the jams, their way. They have a good time, they don’t care about keeping it country and if you’ve got any taste at all for big band, you are in great hands here. High octane fun that never let’s you down.
5428 (Loud Conversation Pieces)

Volume 32/Number 78
January 17, 2009


"One For Maynard"

The Loudhorns truly live up to their name on their debut album One For Maynard. Composed of a trio of trumpets, two trombones, French horn and tuba, The Loudhorns have a huge, full sound that you’d expect from a brass band. The band also features a talented rhythm section composed of keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. Considering that The Loudhorns are composed of some of Nashville’s most experienced brass studio players, it is not surprising that One For Maynard shows amazing instrumental ability that brass players and music fans alike can enjoy.

One For Maynard opens with the jazz/funk number “Give It One.” If you don’t consider yourself a fan of jazz, you’ll still find the powerful melodies and driving rhythm of the song addictive. Steve Patrick’s ability as high lead trumpet also shines on the song; he gives a performance trumpet players will not want to miss. Tuba player Joe Murphy proves that while his instrument is not traditionally gone to for solos, he can still crank out an incredible one on the track.

The Loudhorns do a great job of mixing up styles to keep One For Maynard fresh. The band definitely does a great job with traditional jazz songs like “Birdland,” coming up with their own arrangement that gives the song a unique twist. However, One For Maynard also draws from other sources besides jazz. “La Fiesta” has a beautifully arranged Latin melody, anchored by the great keyboard solos of Ron Gilmore.

The Loudhorns also draw from classic rock with their cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The band’s take on the song is clever and enjoyable as they aptly mimic the vocal harmonies of the song through various brass melodies.

What truly makes One For Maynard shine are the many solos. “Superbone Meets The Bad Man” features great trombone soloing from Barry Green that will be enjoyed by the average listener, but adored by trombone players. Likewise, the organ, trumpet and trombone solos of “Left Bank Express” work together to create an irresistible song.

One For Maynard is an outstanding album that truly shows the powerful sound of a brass band. The Loudhorns succeed in creating an album that is as catchy as it is talented. Assistant Senior Editor-Chris Homer

February 3, 2009


One For Maynard - 2009



THE LOUDHORNS is made up of Nashville's renowned studio players - world class players who have shared the stage and the studio with the biggest names in music including Elton John, Paul Simon, Aretha Franklin, Garth Brooks, Maynard Ferguson, Tony Bennett, Randy Brecker and Larry Carlton . Their electifying stage show features songs from their debut album "One For Maynard" as well as their take on a range of other jazz/funk classics from the likes of Tower of Power and Earth, Wind & Fire.

The influences of the players in the band are countless and for this recording they decided to pay homage to the great and incomparable Maynard Ferguson.

From bandleader/producer Joe Murphy's CD liner notes:

"Many thousands of musicians have been influenced by the late great Maynard Ferguson over the last half a century. You name it, Maynard did it! His career lasted well over 50 years...Maynard was a workhorse. He never stopped. He recorded his last CD in July 2006 just WEEKS before he passed away. He played until the very end. The world lost a true artist when Maynard left us...So, when we started talking about repertoire for this CD, those GREAT Maynard Ferguson charts that we all grew to love over the years immediately came to mind. We all knew from the beginning that we wanted to dedicate this to Maynard."

The band also performs original music written by and for THE LOUDHORNS. Recent concert appearances in Cincinnati, OH, and Watertown, TN, have garnered standing ovations after captivating audiences with their stunning power and virtuosity.

THE LOUDHORNS endorse and are sponsored by LOUD Mouthpieces, which designs and manufactures the most performance-based equipment available anywhere in the world. LOUD Mouthpieces clients include a diverse array of some of the world’s foremost brass players, from studio musicians to touring pop musicians to members of symphony orchestras. World-renowned jazz tuba player and LOUD Mouthpieces owner Joe Murphy is featured in THE LOUDHORNS tuba chair and can be heard delivering several blistering tuba solos throughout the album.