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The Loungs

St Helens, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

St Helens, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Loungs - Live review"

The Loungs want to fuck with your head.

Firstly they've got a name that only those in the know can pronounce properly (it's pronounced 'the lungs' so you know) and secondly they enjoy threatening to inflict Ocean Colour Scene covers on tonight's suitable rowdy crowd (luckily its only a threat).

But, most of all, they mess with your mind by making the kind of foot-tapping, heart stonking trippy folk that melds your brain in to a big mush of unbridled, beardy love.

Owing a not unsubstantial debt to local heroes The Earlies and Elbow they bring the sound of summer to a dull Northern day, sun visors and all, as harmonies bounce off chugging keyboards for the catchiest tunes this side of the Beach Boys.

Best of all is when 'I'm Gonna Take Your Girl' descends into a mass singalong leading a devoted few to attempt crowdsurfing and cracking various limbs on the ceiling for their trouble.

Not that they seem to mind: bruised bones are a small, small price to pay for a band as downright sublime as this. - NME

"The Loungs - Big Wow review"

The musical landscape is a poorer place for the absence of The Beta Band, who disbanded back in 2004. For those still pining for unusual sounding indie music with a wry sense of humour and laced with killer melodies, meet The Loungs. Their debut, ‘We Are The Champ’, sounded like the Super Furries after too many E numbers, while this second outing is a cross between the aforementioned Beta Band and the unashamed retro of The Bees.

Oh, and as I suspect you’re still wondering, it’s pronounced ‘Lungs’. - CLASH MAGAZINE

"The Loungs - Big Wow review"

With songs such as 'Sunbeat' which endorses the joys of open air drinking, it's clear that St Helens band The Loungs are'nt ashamed of making a summery sounding second LP. So let's be similarly uncomplicated; is it any good? Well, 'Big Wow' is often a joyous thing, especially since it's such a well rounded record.

Thanks to some fizzing psych pop which draws from Becah Boys harmonies and Super Furry Animals song craft, the record really exhibits some natural magic.

Beginning with some bubbling techno which sounds like the band are waking up, the album soon veers off into summer pop territory with the brass enhanced 'Annie Hall', followed by the psych knees-up 'Mind Your Head'. Then, before things get too pell mell, there's the lovely folksiness of 'Honesty Box', a standout track.

The music can be curiously affecting even when the music fidgets about; for example 'The Sophomore Jinx' may ride a wave of ska-ish rhythms, but it's Jethro Tull organ stabs suggest an affinity with nature rooted in evocative tradition and myth.

Ending with its highlight, 'Gretyl' offers a gentle whoosh of electronic backwash and warm guitar chords, making for a perfect campfire song.
This is the soundtrack of a perfect summer's day. Success. - ARTROCKER MAGAZINE

"The Loungs - We Are The Champ review"

“Luscious four-part harmonies, intricately layered guitars and innovative percussion...Insanely catchy.” - MUSIC WEEK

"The Loungs - We Are The Champ review"

“We Are The Champ oozes geniality throughout and, at times, becomes positively majestic...The best thing to come out of St.Helens since the East Lancs Road.” - THE WORD MAGAZINE

"The Loungs - We Are The Champ review"

“Classy pop melodies...joyous, White Album-style pick’n’mix mayhem.” - UNCUT MAGAZINE

"The Loungs - We Are The Champ review"

“Lissom psychedelic folk rock...sumptuous harmonies... gloriously rowdy.” - Q MAGAZINE

"The Loungs - I'm Gonna Take Your Girl review"

Well that's not very nice is it? Coming around here with your lady-stealing threats. How queer then that 'I'm Gonna...' is actually a rather lovely and tender thing, with an unexpected eruption of brass and the most withering use of the words "you fool..." in the pop pantheon.

Even better is the insane B-Side 'Seen My Baby Dancing', a lunatic 90-second Beach Boys pastiche bookended by bonkers piano bits that sound like 'House Of Fun' by Madness.

It's a shame that they did'nt let it loiter for a while - instead, it ends with the sound of a piano being banged shut and you're left blinking, wondering if you actually heard it correctly. And if that's not the right state for a pop record to leave you in, then what is? - NME

"The Loungs - We Are The Champ review"

This debut album from St Helens collective The Loungs sounds alternately like Super Furry Animals, Blur, The Housemartins, The Specials, Madness, The Jam and many more. And that’s just the first five minutes.

It’s as if Soulwax have done one of their mix albums using all the best bits of your record collection, with styles constantly chopping and changing, sometimes in the space of one song – ‘I’m Gonna Take Your Girl’ starts off as a pretty Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci-style acoustic lament and ends like one of Dexys’ horn-driven soul stompers.

The end result is one of the most exhausting but enjoyable 34 minutes you’ll spend listening to music this year. Don’t hesitate to give it a chance. - NME


* We Are The Champ - released 21 May 2007 on Akoustik Anarkhy 12" vinyl, CD Digipack and Download.

* Big Wow - released 8 March 2010 on Fresh Hair Records CD and download.

* I'm Gonna Take Your Girl/Seen My Baby Dancin' - released 28 February 2006 on Akoustik Anarkhy 7" and Download

* Armageddon Outta Here/Cats - released 2 April 2007 on Akoustik Anarkhy 7" and Download

* Googly Moogly/Jimmy Two Shoes - released 15 October 2007 on Akoustik Anarkhy 7" and Download

* The "Learning Is Fun With The Loungs" EP - released Summer 2005

* B-Sides to Non-Existent A-Sides - free downloads available from October 2009 onwards from the band's website.

* Tales From The Lux - released 30 October 2006 on Lupine Records 10" - features "All Your Love"

* Amelia's Magazine - released May 2008 - USB stick attached to magazine - features "Jack Sarfatti"

* Registered - released September 2008 - Free CD created by the electoral services unit in order to promote young people to use their vote in Manchester - features "Dig That Do"

* Cloud Sounds Compilation - released December 2008 - CD - features "Cloud Sounds Jingle" + "Jimmy Two Shoes"



The Loungs are an indie rock band from St Helens, Merseyside, in the North-West of England. Their debut album We Are The Champ was released in 2007 on the Manchester based Akoustik Anarkhy label and the follow up Big Wow in 2010 on the band's own Fresh Hair Records. Both albums were highly acclaimed in the music press and the band have gigged extensively across the UK since their inception. Since October 2009 the band have been giving away free 'B-Sides' to members of their online mailing list and the songs will eventually form a download only album entitled B-Sides to Non-Existent A-Sides. The band are currently writing their third official album.

After forming in 2005 The Loungs established a reputation via a series of gigs throughout the UK, playing with Arctic Monkeys, Noisettes, The Bees, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Jim Noir amongst others. During this time, they self-released an EP called Learning is Fun with The Loungs and in late 2005 signed to the Manchester-based Akoustik Anarkhy record label.

Their debut single 'I'm Gonna Take Your Girl' was released in February 2006 to rave reviews throughout the music press and sold out of it's limited edition pressing. During this time the band were picked amongst 14 finalists as a part of Channel 4's The Road To V competition and a live performance and interview were featured on the Channel 4 programme of the same name.

Their next single 'Armageddon Outta Here/Cats' followed in April 2007 and also quickly sold out. The Loungs' debut album We Are The Champ was released in May 2007 to widespread critical acclaim the album was described as "Joyous" (Uncut Magazine), "Gloriously rowdy" (Q Magazine) "One of the most exhausting but enjoyable 34 minutes you'll spend listening to music this year" (NME) and "The best thing to come out of St.Helens since the East Lancs road' (The Word).

Summer 2007 saw The Loungs appear at many festivals throughout the UK including Glastonbury, Knowsley Hall Music Festival, Bestival and Beat Herder.

Their next single 'Googly Moogly/Jimmy Two Shoes' followed in October 2007.

They spent 2008 working on their second album at Catalyst Studios in St.Helens and gigging regularly throughout the UK appearing at many festivals throughout the summer.

The band's second album Big Wow was released in March 2010 and featured 12 new songs. Again critically lauded the band created 12 promotional videos to accompany each track which can be seen on the Fresh Hair Records Youtube page.