The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds



The Lovebirds came about nearly three years ago, G, guitarist/singer songwriter, was looking for a female vocalist/musician to add a new dynamic to what he was playing and met Ladybird, singer songwriter, who was looking for someone to play with. G and Ladybird started writing together, firstly on some acoustic stuff "Tell Me A Story", "A Light Fandango" and others which worked really nicely and were going down well with audiences, so they decided to get a drummer and bass player behind them and see where they could take it.

So, into a haze of parties and jams in 2005 the fledgling Lovebirds took there first steps into the London music scene and have been nurturing their ideas in some of London's best underground venues including The Windmill, The Ivy House, The Half Moon to name but a few. They have been compared to acts as diverse as The Pixies, The Fall and Fleetwood Mac to Dylan and Daniel Johnston. From the thumping riff led full band madness of "The Devil Song" and "Tell Me Why" to the more subtle and harmonious one guitar and two vocals in tracks like "Champagne" and "Blood & Rain", The Lovebirds show a maturity and grace reminiscent of bands from the late 60's and early 70's making the most of the dynamic of a three piece or the simple beauty of an acoustic set.

A lot more has to come from the young The Lovebirds and from what they have recorded already its going to be a hell of a ride...


Antenna Studios Recording
Perry Vale Recording

Set List

Tell Me Why
The Ha Song
The Devil Song
Rock N Roll
Blood & Rain
In My Head
Its Over Now