The Loveblisters

The Loveblisters


Come journey to "The Nowhere West". Due out on iTunes and Amazon December 16th!


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The Loveblisters are an indie pop band formed in Tempe, AZ in 2003. The Loveblisters sound draws from an array of influences including Queen, ELO, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Scott Joplin, vaudville and early country and bluegrass. The band has released a 7 song EP, a full length record and played several high profile shows.

“The Nowhere West”, available in December 2008, was completed with local music wizard Jamie Woolford of the truly awesome band Let Go.

The band has appeared and plays on local radio stations KEDJ, KUPD, KZON, and The Blaze (ASU), as well as local television stations KTVK (channel 3), KPHO (channel 5), KSAZ (FOX 10), KPNX (channel 12), KNXV (15), as well as Denver CO’s cable access show.

Publications that have featured the band include Phoenix New Times, Arizona Republic, Get Out Magazine, College Times, The Rep and The State Press. The band has been voted “best pop band” three years in a row by readers of the Phoenix New Times. Most recently the band has been voted into the Top 15 Boru Vodka: Defend the Bar Band 2008 national contest with over 800 entries.

The Loveblisters have shared the stage with indie darlings, respected veterans, and local luminaries alike, including Architecture in Helsinki, Back Ted N-Ted, Camper Van Beethoven, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Cold War Kids, Cracker, Gin Blossoms, Girl Talk, Let Go, Miniature Tigers, skybox, The Toadies, Tokyo Police Club, The Tubes, and What Laura Says Thinks and Feels. They were honored to play at this year's Tempe Music Festival which featured heavyweights My Chemical Romance and Fergie, as well as local heroes The Meat Puppets.


The Nowhere West

Written By: Rob Kroehler

(part 1) acquisition
His joker card was limp like whiskey

His two of hearts was stiff but willing

He bet it all with his slumlord guise

For a left handed girl who never got it right

Where the vertebrates of the blue-blood giants

Are history beneath the flatlands

Growing wheatgrass to fit the drifter's teeth,

And the sky a chamber-choir you can hear the angels sing:

"What a sight for his scrap-yard eyes!

Oh why, Wyoming, why won't you ease

his shangri-la dreams under land-lock and key?"

(part 2) premonition
"Oh land of milk and honey!"

Shy, shy, shy, Cheyenne, makes him wish

Washington was where he was from.

“ Why, oh why, did I believe those ghost town merchants

painting deserts green?"

Now he's stretched and slain across her bent lonesome plains.

(part 3) disposition
"So lift me up boys, lift me up boys.

Lift me up boys, lift me up boys,

And don't let me down til' the Lord deals a better hand."

When she blushes out a sigh of sunshine

He is but an echo of a treacherous heaven far above

This nowhere west with no one left to love.

Blue Jean Movement

Written By: Rob Kroehler

California's coming, better beware sharpen your knives boys, cut your hair

It comes speed and steam bringing kings on life support

And the west comes falling with the sun so hold on tight your handguns

Got souls to sell, crowded like hell don’t breathe the air

So kill like kings

The children of the blue-jean movement

The victim velvet revolution bleeds.

A century of industry has all but raped the skyline

And the streets are long that lonesome hearts ride upon

And now your blood flows in reverse you're for a moment weightless

But the crowded sky still makes you climb for her

Hope (hope), Search (search) pull the corners from the earth

Till you've found your place to hide when the grave calls upon the sky.

So kill like kings

The children of the blue-jean movement

The victim velvet revolution bleeds.

And Steal like thieves

Steal your thoughts to windmills falling

The fault-line California’s coming

Let it bleed.

Hell is a Rainbow

Written By: Rob Kroehler

When your confidence (Is shaking like a feather)

When your trust is bruised (And wounded by the weather)

When winters march (Is crushing thru your veins)

And your world-weary arms (Are just clinging to the day)

You said you wanted sympathy Well not from me cuz ordinary life

Is just like this (come on, come on now)

You said you wanted clarity Well now you see that ordinary life does not exist (so just get on with it)

(So don't you worry baby, you'll be fine.)

When your truth hits home (And it's unbelievable)

When you'd hope for hope (but it's unreceivable)

And it's a hell of a rainbow (to promise you a storm)

And the only grace to still the rain (Is the fury of the flames)

You'll be fine if you just hold onto yourself

And save your breath from breathing

Save your heart from beating

Save your blood from bleeding you, yeah, you'll be fine.

You said you wanted sympathy well not from me it's (ordinary life)

You said you wanted clarity well now you see it's (ordinary life)

You said you'd give anything to be relieved of (ordinary life)

But...(ordinary life) does not you'll be fine


The Nowhere West - December 16, 2008
Silver White Sunlight - 2005
The Loveblisters EP - 2003

Available on iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, streamed on and played on local radio: KEDJ, KUPD, KZON, and The Blaze (ASU)

Set List

Original songs: sets range from 30-90 min per venue
She Is (90 Proof)
Ordinary Life
Twice the Fool
Backwards to Bright
The Nowhere West
Blue Jean Movement

Occasional covers:
Laid (James)
Tupelo Honey (Van Morrison)
Hungry Heart (Bruce Springsteen)
Higher and Higher (Jackie Wilson)