The Love Cell

The Love Cell


Powerful female vocals, epic guitars, and rhythm you can move to LCD Soundsystem, The Faint, The Killers, Daft Punk, Gogol Bordello Russian rock, electronica, shoegaze, house, britpop


Brothers Misha and Danila were born in the USSR, both classically trained musicians that shared a love for Russian rock music. They began writing and recording their own material in their early teens, with the first record released when they were fifteen. Elizabeth had been singing and writing for over a decade, with her powerful vocals and melodic songs, trio's vision started to come true.

Now together as The Love Cell, the band had spent months working on new material, preparing to share their secret recipe of rock, pop, and electro with the world.


Wicked Itch

Written By: Elizabeth Bills

Somehow I escaped from dieing
The young the restless, freewill flying
We push, we shove, we love...
I can feel life moving faster
The circles under my eyes blacker
We push, we shove, we love...

Ba da...... nanana.... boy we've got each other x2

Nothing feels the way it should be
My body aches for what it could be
We push, we shove, we love...

Home sweet home is where the heart is
but I don't think mine ever started
We push, we shove, we love....

Nana nananana.....

You lick my finger tips and oh my lips and oh my oh my
I've got this cut that rips and tares away all of my insides
I've got this wicked itch and its a bitch oh I can't deny
I'm bruized up from your grip it makes me lie makes me wanna die....

Ba da..... nananana... boy we've got eachother x2

Why Don't You Love me

Written By: Elizabeth Bills

The pain, can last forever, I've heard of shame...but I never met her
Share my sigh...and breathe together, it feels so right
to make it better...

and we're drivin down that road.... on and on we go...go
where we are I do not know...on and on we go...go...
and I know it makes you mad... and I know it makes you sad...your the best I ever had....

Why dont, why don't you love me??? x2

The shown down on me, where I run..and I stopped to reach it, it made me smile...I knew this was heaven against my face, felt like a child in that place...

and we're drivin down that road.... on and on we go... go
where we are I do not know... on and on we go... go
and I know it makes you mad, and i know it makes you sad, your the best I've ever had...

Why dont, why don't you love me...???? x2

Oh how I ache... this is too much to take... suffocating slowly, oxygen disowns me!!!...

It's Fine

Written By: Elizabeth Bills

You feel so good against my skin, contagiously I sin and I
just want to put my head away, for one more day
Stopped taken my medication, it made me lose sensation and
now I'm feelin like I'm stealin time, and thats just fine...

Its fine x4

I can't seem to just release you I guess forever needs you and
I know that I am a daughter but please your not my father and
I'm not frightened more enlightened yes.. I can read your mind

Your mind x4

Can you hear me through the wall...? Can you hear my voice at all?
walk with me through the grave stones past the trees oh my lovely
dance with me kiss the bruizes on my knees

can't you see the atmosphere is wrapped around my finger?
can't you see the way we moves the only thing that lingers...?

Theres a place I never knew... in my dreams of me and you
day to day im getting old... there are stories to be told....

Its fine x4

Its fine! its fine! its fine! its fine! its fine.....!

Slow Motion

Written By: Elizabeth Bills

I thought we'd last forever... forevers somethin we can't win
so convinced we'd stay together out there we are racing with the wind...
Shatter me against the wall, hide my pieces under the bed
I kinda think that we know it all but turns out we know nothing in the end...

(bridge)Hold on for a while, bleedings back in style, counting every breath, the only thing thats left inside me
stealing all your heat, underneath the sheets, the secrets that we shared...

(Chorus)If only for today, I would feel this way, help me stop time, so we can unwind
Hurry don't be late, feelin all the weight of the world's frown spinnin all around spinnin all around

well are you worried? too late, well are you worried ? too late.... x2

Slow motions got me naucious, lets sleep away the next few weeks, i'm happiest sedated let me
wander underneath your feet...
march on and on its madness, trample over everything you love, curl up and drink the darkness
i'm always the one to hold the cup...

repeate bridge and chorus x2


The Love Cell EP 2008

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Set List


Wicked Itch
Run Away
Under the Naked
Slow Motion
Why Don't You Love Me
It's Fine

Our sets can be anywhere from 25 to 65 minutes