The Love It Band

The Love It Band


" I Love It " Will be the only thing you can possibly respond after hearing The Love It Band's music. Well, Either that, or "I'm an Octopus!"


The Love it Band consists of 2 guys, Drake Descant, and Ryan Kearns. They met in school, and somehow ended up working together. One day, they decided to get together to make an album entirely making fun of their job, and realized as they finished, that they had something really awesome going for them. Everyone loved the "joke" music so much that they all suggested they make some "real" music. And so they did, and a year later, their debut album, "Love It" is available for everyone in the world to enjoy!
Drake Descant wrote his first song at the age of 5. His father brought him home from the hospital and put his tiny little finger on the piano and said "Middle C", and did this every single day until Drake could repeat it back. Drake's music has also been used on informational dvd's used for schools, and he has also written for some short films. For more information on Drake's solo music, please contact The Love It Band.


Behind Glass

Written By: Drake Descant/Ryan Kearns

It was this moment that I knew I was in love.
She came up to me, refusing to look my way.
Her skin was as smooth as the glass she stood behind.
I was waving hi, but she paid no mind.

Her gestures were subtle, yet she spoke with out a word.
Her voice was a whisper in my mind.
Day after day, she would stand still.
We would stare in awe.
No one knew her as well as I did.

I spend my time rehearsing lines that would sweep her away.
If only I could grab her attention.
If only I could touch your lips.
How can I ever take a step towards you
and push my way through those who adore you
when you never even noticed me.

Years have gone by and I've yet to take my eyes off her.
And still she looks away with nothing to say.
I thought we'd run away together someday,
but on the last day I saw her
she undressed and was taken away.

Love It

Written By: Drake Descant/Ryan Kearns

I love it.
I love it... etc.

Exploding Sounds of Rage

Written By: Drake Descant/Ryan Keanrs

He steps onto the podium and he whistles his best tune
The waves crashed into the city
Let the festivities resume

A sweat drop blurs your vision, but it wasn't of your own
The sound crashed into your body
Let your soul be overthrown

Beats poured out from the smoke stack in a cloud of ashy heat
The rain crashed onto the rooftops
Let the rhythm soak your feet

The moon rocked out it's glory in a nightfall shining haze
The chill crashed till the sun rose
Let the fire set a'blaze

The lights strobe with each footstep a thousand flashes at a time
The pulse crashed under the floorboards
Let the dirt life run and hide

This place is filled with bodies encased around the stage
The flesh crashed into your senses
With exploding sounds of rage

John Matters

Written By: Drake Descant/Ryan Kearns

I'm an octopus
I'm an octopus... etc.

Who is Matters Johnson?
Not me, not me.

Matters are human.
John is matters.

Oh, I'm an octopus.
I'm an octopus who matters.
John is an octopus.
I'm an octopus who matters


Written By: Drake Descant/Ryan Kearns

I have been waiting inside my box for weeks now
I can catch a glimpse of movement now and then

A little bird told me today you'd fix me
So I can light up the room at last

I'm hanging high and you turn me on
to show your way through my world
In darkness you leave till I light your way

The door stays closed for far too long
I stare waiting for your return.
I miss you.

You took me by surprise.
It was too cold for me to wake.
But what I felt I could see
was your stumbling silhouette reaching towards me.


LOVE IT - First album released June 2009. Second album in the works.
"Behind Glass" played on numerous radio stations in western MA.

Set List

Typical set list can range from 3-11 songs. Working on writing new songs to perform. 'Usually starts off like this:
1. testing 1, 2, 3 ( Yes, they recorded an unbelievable testing song, instead of the awkward, 'testing, testing".

2. Love It
3. Behind Glass
4. Light
5. Cephelia
6.Throw Me Out
7. Exploding Sounds of Rage

In no particular order..