The Love Louder

The Love Louder


Former Alien Crime Syndicate and Tommy Stinson guitarist Mikey Davis and former Argo Vocalist Kristina Very, got married and decided to start writing music together under the name The Love Louder. The result is their Debut effort scheduled for release in 2009


A Jersey girl to the core, Seattle has been Kristina’s home since her teens. Competing nationally as a classically trained singer, she threw the arias out the door for her true calling as a rock-n-roll singer. Writing and performing with dozen of local Seattle bands, including ARGO, and working in various studios as an audio and sound engineer, her debut album “The Rooms Divide,” with The Love Louder has been a long time coming. This fey and fancy lyricist will leave no doubt in your mind, that she may be little, but she is loud!
Born in the south and raised in Las Vegas singer song writer Mikey Davis has played with the likes of Jon Auer, Tommy Stinson, Alien Crime Syndicate, and The Capillaries. All of which has helped him form a unique sense of pop music and demonstrated his skill at crafting catchy melodic pop songs.
Together they make up the core of The Love Louder. look for their debut record out in 2009


finishing up production on debut album due out May 2009

Set List

Set times can vary from 30 to 60 minutes. We through in a couple of covers now and then