The Lovely Feathers

The Lovely Feathers


Blossomy and extractive post alt punk infused rock: Rarely do we experience music that portrays the canopy of life with such clarity and tragic heartsmiles. The Lovely Feathers, in all its poppy grandeur, somehow manages to convey feelings we never knew we knew so well.


The Lovely Feathers had been friends for a while, but only joined musical forces in late March 2004. They quickly developed a rich and original repertoire and spent the summer playing energetic, dancey, captivating shows. During this period, the Feathers won the IROC Montreal indi rock contest, and ambitiously recorded a full-length album - only four months after the band’s conception! The CD was supposed to be a demo, but the power-quintet, in its nascent stages, already had enough good material for a solid LP. They decided to cut 13 tracks instead of 4, and recorded the whole disk in the time it takes most bands to record one song.

Surprising to many, the self-released album sounds great and its refreshing and catchy post-punk alt-infused pop sound has helped it become a Local Montreal favorite.

Due to the strength of their CD and live show, the Lovely Feathers obtained a coveted spot in this years POP Montreal festival and have already opened for the likes of the Fiery Furnaces, Projet Orange, and Frenetics. They have received good local press and continue to energetically woo crowds around Montreal. They are already working on new material, and will soon start to look for distributors/labels, to take their signature show/sound beyond the confines of their mid/large-sized town.

-Oliver Mason



Written By: Mark Kupfert, Richard Yanofsky

Lovers they meet, guided by master planners.
Mine's name is Loven and she needs a manicure.
Oh when we've taken in, all of those lovey dovies,
wed laugh if we were younger.
We'd laugh if we were younger
Wed laugh if we were younger

Chorus: All over the town
Im tasting all her sounds
Id Gaze If i was aloud
all over the town

Photocorners, frame your cooperation
Enjoy the crosstreets, sorry for the ruffled carpets.
Oh when we've gotten, we'd spare those lovey dovies
Wed laugh if we we're younger (4x)


Used store bowties, bring breat a little closer
Loven's on her day off and I fumbled the invitation
Oh how Id like to say, how was your day my sweet lovey dovey.
We'd laugh if were younger (4x)



My Best Friend Daniel-2004

You can listen to the whole CD on our website:

'Orchids' and 'The Bronze' were on CBC3's playlist.
'Like You' and 'Only Appalachian Cornfield' are played by CKUT, Mcgill's Radio station.

Set List

If we had an hour wed play something like:
Force Fire Force
Cadillac Backpack
Like You
The Lion eats the Wildebeast
The Pain of Having a Strange Face
Only Appalachian Cornfield
Wrong Choice